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Club Information

Here is where you'll find valuable information on the Blaze Volleyball Club, including club fees, types of teams, parent involvement etc.




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List of Required Forms

 The following forms must be turned in on your try out date  

Click on the form to download from the USAV and AAU websites

 _____Individual Membership Form from USAV (page 1)      (Travel Level Players)                *Turned in triplicate   

_______Individual Membership Form from USAV (page 2)    (Travel Team Players)               *Turned in triplicate 

_____AAU Membership (Club Level Players)                  

_____Medical Release/Information Form-(All players) MUST BE NOTORIZED        *Turned in triplicate-we will have a notary on site during registration.

_____Photo Copy of Birth Certificate (All Players)

_____Individual Stat Sheet (All Players) (will be given out the day of try outs)

Tuition and Fee Schedule

For tuition and fee schedule, please contact Blaze Volleyball Club at:


Payment Plan and Schedule

In addition to the various fundraiser events the club offers to players to help raise money for tuition, we also offer a payment plan and schedule.  Tournament deadlines require a substantial depletion of club funds early in the season, so we must require the bulk of the club fees be paid at the beginning.  In order to meet our deadlines, we must insist that you meet these deadlines as well.  BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB must have full payment at the outset, but we will accept three checks with the following amounts to be held and not deposited until the following dates: Contact Blaze Volleyball Club for details:

Program Requirements

            BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB has developed an excellent reputation among other clubs and college coaches around the country. This reputation was built with hard work from players, coaches, parents, and friends of the program.  This season we expect athletes to be committed to the program, be supportive of their team and respectful of their coaches and teammates. They should not miss practice, meetings, or matches without first communicating with their coach. The staff understands that school activities are important, and coaches are instructed to work with each athlete. However, the higher level of play at which some of our athletes compete, requires more time, dedication, and effort, and will be expected.

            PLAYERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE ALL PAYMENTS MADE ON TIME, OR THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.             Players on advanced teams that qualify for the regional-national tournaments are expected to attend all practices during the months of March, April, and May. Please keep this in mind when making plans.


             BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB has offered several fund-raising opportunities to offset expenses. The most successful project you will have is the soliciting of sponsorship donations. All of the funds raised by the players can be used to offset the cost of club fees. All monies must be used for club related purposes.

            Corporate and individual donations must be made directly to BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB with the notation of who is to receive credit in the memo section of the check. A sample letter is enclosed in this booklet for your use in soliciting sponsorship or donations.  Below are listed some of the other fundraising methods available.

Blaze Home Tournaments

Each year Blaze Volleyball Club hosts tournaments for the 12's, 14's, 16's and 18's teams.  These tournaments make it possible to provide funds for our club, which keeps fees low for all players.  Therefore, it is critical that each player/parent makes a commitment to volunteer for these events.  It is also critical for each player to remain at the gym until dismissed by the coach and until the tournament is over to help with clean-up and officiating duties.  Duties include, but are not limited to:
                Gym Set-up                        Gym Clean-Up
                Novelty Sales                      Concession Duty
                Hospitality Room                 Concession Stand supplies


            During the course of the year the coach/director will call various meetings or communication sessions to advise members of important events or to release details of scheduled events. Frequently, pre-tournament information is delayed and vague. A team parent will be assigned to each team to assist the coach with getting information out to the players. Each parent will be responsible for players' transportation to and from all tournaments. If a number of parents can not drive and a van needs to be rented, then that team or those parents of players unable to transport their child will incur the cost equally. 

            With the change in our hotel arrangements it needs to be stressed that all players confirm tournament information prior to leaving the gym site on Sat. Players/Parents that are not staying in the same hotel as the coaches will be responsible for checking in with the coaches to confirm any last minute changes.  Coaches must be able to get in touch with players if necessary.


            The objective of tournaments is to give teams the opportunity to compete against various teams in the region. The coach is responsible for the composition of the team. Players will be played at the discretion of the coach who will make every effort to play all players. The level of the competition, the ability of the athlete, the needs of the team, and the importance of the tournament will dictate the amount of playing time each player will get on the court.  The coaches will compose teams to maximize playing time and talent for the advancement of all players. An individual could play on several different teams during a single season. Players should view this as an opportunity to learn, excel, and interact with other club members. The fee structure for the club pays for all tournaments (if individual teams choose to go to a second qualifier that fee will be added). Shelly Hughes  who is in charge of the travel arrangements will coordinate travel arrangements for overnight trips. All parents are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.  However, Shelly does a great job of getting the best rates and holding a block of rooms for our club.  With the exception of the National Qualifier in Tampa the parents will be responsible to make all their hotel arrangements on their own (using information that Shelly gives you).  The Tampa Nat’l Qualifier requires that we do that as a club.  It is strongly recommended that you make your reservations as soon as you receive information from Shelly.
Transportation to all tournaments will be the responsibility of the parents. If a parent can not transport their child to a tournament, it will be the responsibility of that parent to make other arrangements. In the case of overnight trips, players will financially commit 2 weeks prior to that tournament.  If for some unforeseen reason that player does not go to that tournament, their financial responsibility will not be returned or waived.  


Do I bring my own or get it there?

Generally, it is wise to bring your own food to the tournaments. There is usually not enough time to get something, bring it back, eat it, and let it settle before the next match. Also the players are not allowed to leave the tournament site once they arrive.
Most sites do not have concession stands. Some teams will organize a community lunch/snack for the team in which everyone contributes to a fund and the team mom makes the purchases.

What kind of food can I bring?

Food preferences are up to the individual coaches, but most agree that foods that are high in fat and sugar and carbonated drinks should not be consumed before or during the tournament day. Fruit, sandwiches, raw veg., cheese, crackers, graham snacks, baked chips etc. are all good choices.


This article is meant to inform parents and players about the do’s and don’ts, ins and outs of tournament play.  We hope it helps!

How long is the day?

Generally, tournament days are long ones with a minimum of 3 matches. Sometimes younger teams can finish up before late afternoon, but don’t plan on it. Older teams in bigger tournaments will have “Wave Play” which involves the day being divided into a Morning  Wave (8-2) and an Afternoon Wave (2-8) and they always run late!

What are the tournament sites like?

Most sites are uncomfortable gym benches. A good investment would be a chair in a bag or one of those stadium chairs with a back that will sit up on the bleachers. Some are air conditioned and some are not. Bring clothing that can be flexible depending on the weather and the gym accommodations. A pillow and blanket are nice too. The Disney Complex has stadium style chairs to sit in.


Do we have to do everything with the team?

A helpful mindset to have is that during tournament weekends your daughter is not your own. She belongs to her team and the coach. The coach may want the team to share a meal together, have a team meeting, review video tapes of past play etc..  This not only helps your daughter become a better player, but it helps the team to bond and become more cohesive and perform better on the court. The focus of the weekend is volleyball competition. Please be as accommodating as possible!

 Do we have to stay in the team hotel?

You are not required to stay in the team hotel, but you are requested to do so. There are many last minute changes in the tournament schedule and the coaches do not have time to locate their players at other hotels and relay this information to them. The coaches are also out at coaches meetings and are difficult to contact. If you do stay at another hotel, you are responsible for contacting the coach to get last minute changes and directions to tournament sites.

What if I can’t make it to a tournament and my daughter is on a travel team?

Parents requested last year that their children stay with them in order to help cut down on family costs. Therefore, the club’s expectation is that your daughter will be staying with you. If an emergency arises, and you can not attend, then you will have to make arrangements with another parent on a team and see if your daughter can stay with them. It would also be appropriate to contribute $20 per night towards the cost of the room.

If you think you will be unable to attend the tournaments, then you can pay a hotel fee to the club of an additional $400 and a room will be reserved for your daughter for each of the tournaments. This will have to be arranged within the next 2 weeks since hotel reservations are already being finalized.  

Travel verses Club

Travel teams will compete in eight USAV tournaments (two tournaments a month) of which most are two day tournaments, and are located from southern Florida to Atlanta, Georgia.  Travel teams practice twice a week (some exceptions based on gym availability).  The travel team level is the highest level in our club.  Competition for the travel teams is primarily at the USAV level. It is designed for the serious player.

            CLUB teams are for those players who desire to play club volleyball that do not possess the experience or skill level to compete on the travel team level.  Club teams will compete in 8 AAU tournaments, train twice a week (some exceptions based on gym availability).  Club is designed for the less experienced players interested in gaining experienced and knowledge of volleyball.  These teams usually play in two, one-day tournaments a month.  Competition for the club level teams are all AAU. There will be no Club teams for the 17's and 18's age groups.

            Developmental Teams-is for the 12 and under teams.  This level will compete in a minimum of 6 tournaments and train twice a week (some exceptions based on gym availability).  The majority of these players are new to the game of volleyball and will get training geared towards fundamentals and the basics of volleyball.


            All injuries must be reported immediately to the coach. In the case of major injury, the athlete will not be permitted to participate unless written clearance is obtained form the athlete’s physician.

            Payments made to BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB are NOT refundable except in the case of injury or illness. The amount to be refunded is prorated based on the amount of participation and time frame of payments already made to scheduled tournaments. Parents must request any refund in writing and attach a statement from the athlete’s physician. Only personal contributions made directly from the parent are refundable. Monies raised through fund-raising activities are not refundable. The Board of Directors of BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB must approve all refunds.


          BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB through the uniform committee will distribute the official uniform prior to the first tournament. The cost of the uniform is included in the club fees. Uniforms must be worn whenever representing the club at all sanctioned tournaments. Proper care and appearance of the uniform is the responsibility of the individual player. Each piece of the uniform must be clearly marked with the player’s number on the inside tag.  


            BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB structured its program to be in full compliance with the state and NCAA rules and regulations. However, the club strongly urges all players and parents to educate themselves on all other state and NCAA rules to ensure no infractions occur.

            USA Volleyball insurance covers all practices, sanctioned events and competitions, and travel to and from such events. The coverage is excess (secondary) and provided benefits after full payment on family insurance is used or if there is no other health insurance coverage in force. Its benefits are limited to $5, 000.00 max.

            All BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB participants over the age of 14 are required to be registered with the USA Volleyball. All club participants will also be registered with the AAU.

No one will be permitted to participate until all forms are correctly filled out and in the hands of the director. The medical release form is required by law to be notarized before it will be accepted. The actual registration will be submitted by the director as an entire club and these forms are needed to complete the process.

            All school-age athletes, elementary through high school are welcome to participate. Membership will only be limited in the event of too many participants for the facilities and coaches that are available.  


            We know the importance of good parent involvement and welcome the assistance in our program. In fact, we count on your involvement to help our club grow stronger, and aid the important information exchange that must be passed on to the various teams, parents, and players. year to year.  The most important role that is needed of our parents is role of a team parent.  The team parent assists the coach with getting information out to the players and helps with transportation .  


            Membership in BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB carries with it certain responsibilities to the organization, particularly in the area of conduct.  

1. Players, coaches, and parents should have a general knowledge of USA Volleyball, AAU, State High School Program, and regional rules and regulations.

2. During or between matches, no player, parent, or coach shall make any disparaging remarks about, or gestures towards, any player, team, coach, or official.

3. At all times, members and coaches are expected to act appropriately and dress tastefully keeping in mind that they are representing the BLAZE VOLLEYBALL CLUB.

4. When participating in a tournament, players and coaches should not leave personal property or team belongings unattended.              

5. Players and parents are responsible for leaving all facilities neat and clean.

6. At no time should a players be sent out of the facility alone or left anywhere

 No coolers, food, or drinks will be allowed in any gym in which we are participating regardless of what other teams are doing.