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PARIVESH: Centre for Environment and Development

Pollution Web Library 2004:

Pollution Documentation and Laws

NOTE: Copyright Free. The Academy or the Centre does not claim any responsibility for factual accuracy or for any circumstantial development on account of use of the data and information presented in these web pages. Please ensure that all information is verified with standard pollution and similar subject related publications of repute. The information being provided here is only meant to be used as a Reference Web Library by the CED at YASHADA for use as training material and documentation. Some links may not be in use. Please inform us about any errors, changes or disused links.

Author: Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Associate Professor, Environmental Planning, PARIVESH - YASHADA.


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Emission Control Strategies Euro Norms Statistics about Emission Norms Events about Air Emission    

Emission Control Strategies (Sourced from the TERI web pages) Back to Index to Topics

Supreme court directives
Vehicle emission control strategies to protect the local and global
        environment: challenges and opportunities in India
Automotive emission control strategies and cost implications
A model to establish a policy framework for emissions reduction, and
        cost-effectiveness of alternative measures
Problem of urban transport and pollution in Delhi: reasons and mitigation
CO2 mitigation and the Indian transport sector  [Download the document in PDF  378 KB]


Euro Norms (Sourced from the TERI web pages)  Back to Index to Topics

Euro norms: Need for an integrated approach
Euro norms on new vehicles alone won't do much to check air pollution
Towards cleaner auto and fuel technologies in India
        (Arising out of the deliberations of the conference titled 'Automobiled and fuel
          technologies: solutions for the environment' held on 22-23 July 1999 in New Delhi)
        [Download in PDF]
Emission standards with effective date for new petrol vehicles in India
        under type approval test (g/km)
Emission standards with effective date for new diesel vehicles in India
        under type approval test
Gasoline specifications for India and Europe
Diesel  specifications for India and Europe
Progression of Euro norms for passenger cars in Europe (g/km)
Gasoline specifications in India as compared to the World wide fuel charter
Diesel specifications in India as compared to the World-Wide Fuel charter


Statistics (Sourced from the TERI web pages) Back to Index to Topics

Key data on transport: 1970/71 to 1998/99
GDP (gross domestic product) in the transport sector (million rupees):
        1980/81 to 1997/98
Petroleum, oil, and lubricants consumption (thousand tonnes) in
        transport: 1990/91 to 1996/97
Registered motor vehicles (thousand): 1971 to 1997
Motor vehicle accidents (numbers) in metropolitan cities: 1996 to 1998
Energy intensity in railways (consumption per thousand gross
        tonne-km):1995/96 to 1998/99
Trends in relative rail and road traffic:1970/71 to 1996/97
Indian shipping gross registrated tonnage (million):1971 to 1999
ATF (aviation turbine fuel) offtake
Road length (km) by category: 1991 to 1997
Annual energy demand in million tonnes of oil equivalent
Percentage share of air pollution by various sources in Delhi
Total annual emissions under BAU (thousand tonnes) in Delhi
Estimated vehicular emission load in selected metropolitan cities
Growth of total registered motor vehicles in metropolitan cities
Fleet composition
Growth of population and vehicles in metropolitan cities


Events (Sourced from the TERI web pages) Back to Index to Topics

Indo-British seminar on Reducing the environmental impact of vehicles in
        urban areas, 78 December 1999
Conference on Automobile and Fuel Technologies, 22-23 July 1999
Moving people of Delhi, 10 April 1999
Seminar on Indo-British Cooperation in Urban Transport and Environment,