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Blackjacks Best BBQ
6219 San Juan Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Some folks might not agree, but it can still be a good idea!

Just ask Rich, John or Vita!

I judged the team at a barbecue competition several years ago and their competition product was very very good. I visited their small shop on Shirley Ave more than once and their commercial product was always impressive. I have visited the new larger restaurant located at 4610 San Juan Avenue and have reaffirmed my nomination for
consistantly SUPERB barbecue in Jacksonville, Florida.

From the ribs all the way up, down and across the menu, every selection will please the greatest barbecue affectionados.
It couldn't be any fresher if you cooked it yourself and served it off the cooker. All new, every day!
And if you like "Memphis Style Dry Ribs" ask for a little of Blackjacks Best BBQ rub and sprinkle it on a rib or two for an additional treat.
You save yourself a trip to Memphis and the hassle of trying to get reservations at "The Rendezvous". Yep, folks it is that good!
If you like sauce on your ribs, chicken, brisket or pulled pork, there is a basket full of variety on each table and it is real hard to pick just one as a favorite.
Just be sure to taste the the meat or chicken before you apply anything other than your lips, teeth and tongue.

Please visit their web site for the menu, directions and much more. Hope to see you there soon!


Clif Welch
Master Certified Barbecue Judge

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