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If you were not in South Daytona Beach for their first contest, you missed a fine event. It was at this event that Gary Kerce and his team 'PIG POUNDA KAPPA' gave me the opportunity to see and feel what it is like to cook instead of judge. I considered this to be a necessary step toward becoming the best judge that I can possibly be and jumped at the chance. Were it not for conflicts with sanctioning body rules, I would love to do it again, however, that will not be possible. I have recently added a short photo essay of my learning adventure to this site. Please take the time to share in the adventure. Thanks to Gary Kerce, Gary and Carolyn Wells (KCBS), the organizers, my fellow KCBS judges and all the folks that helped make it happen.


Where It All Began For Me!
The Ham Jam, October 1996

The sport of competition barbecue cooking is spreading rapidly. Each weekend all over the United States cooking teams, judges and spectators gather to celebrate the warmth and friendship at contests. There are many associations that sponsor these events, the two largest being Memphis In May (MIM) and the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS).

Each group conducts schools that train teams and judges in the rules and grading criteria for their association. The fact that a contest is going to have all certified judges has taken on a great deal of importance to the cooking teams because the average expense for them to compete on a weekend is around eight hundred dollars. Some spend less, but many spend a lot more.

If you plan on attending a contest and wish to visit with the teams, I recommend attending on Friday night. This is the time for social interaction and meeting new folks. Saturday is contest day, and is all business which leaves little time for causal conversation.

A little Friday night warmth and friendship!

If you would like more information about the sport or my favorite contest the Ham Jam which is Florida's Official Barbecue Contest drop me a note. Until then, as I always say:

Barbecue Cookers Are Tops!

Ms. Beverly freezing at a BBQ contest!

Smoky Hale and I at the KCBS Contest in Tryon, NC.

Ed Roith and I at his famous
KCBS Judges and Cooking School.

My friends Doctor Donald Gillis
and his lovely bride Francis!

Just Me and Cliff, Pit Master Supreme
of "OINK, CACKLE and MOO!"

Visiting with Charley Vergo "Rendevouz" owner and master of the dry rib!"

Chef Paul and I in my hometown, Orange Park, Fl!"

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