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Temple of Aset

As you make your way down the Nile,you finally arrive at an Island lined with trees and other abundant plantlife, a place alive with the blessings of Aset. In the middle of this lovely garden you see a Temple glowing in deep golden hues, this is your destination, The Temple of Aset! She who is Goddess of Ten Thousand Names. And as you approach,you feel more and more at peace as you feel her energy washing over you.
The Golden Shrine of Aset.

. A Priestess meets your Barge at the entrance to the Temple, and embraces you warmly saying "We have been expecting you, come in and let us bathe you and perform the purification ritual so you may enter the main Temple .

The Purification room.

You are led into a beautiful room of done in blue marble floors, and malachite walls,a golden bath sits at the end of this room. You bathe and then they ask you to stand. A Priestess approaches you holding in her hand the Canopus jar filled with Holy Nile Water, and she proceeds to pour the blessed water over you, while reciting a prayer of purification. You can feel the Nile water like a white light,moving through your entire body,and the serpent at the base of your spine awakens. The Priestess then anoints each of your chakra points with Holy oil and gives you a blessing: May you walk with Aset and be purified in her holy light! RECIPE FOR HOLY ANOINTING OIL: ----------------------------------

  • 4Drops Essential oil of Benzoin
  • 4Drops Essential oil of Cederwood
  • 4Drops Essential oil of Frankincense
  • 2Drops Essential oil of Hyssop
  • Mix these into 2Tblsp. Jojoba oil.
Awakening Aset!

Every morning, the Priests must Awaken the Goddess, and you find yourself joining the procession, and every one is singing and shaking sistrums. The air is rich with the scent of Myrrh, as you enter the Holy Shrine of Aset. In this room stands a beautiful cabinet called the Naos, or Shrine box. The Priestess approaches the Naos and breaks the wax seal on the cabinet. She then opens the doors to reveal the statue of Aset. The Priestess then proceeds to cleanse,anoint and clothe the body of Aset as everyone chants the Hymn of Awakening: --------------------------

Awake in peace,
Lady of peace,
Rise thou in peace,
Rise thou in beauty,
Goddess of Life
Beautiful in heaven.
Heaven is in peace
Earth is in peace
O Goddess,
Daughter of Nut
Daughter of Geb
Beloved of Osiris
Goddess rich in names!
All praise to you
All praise to you,
I adore you
I adore you
Lady Aset!

Nehes em hotep
Nehes em neferu
Nebet hotepet
Weben em hotep
Weben em neferu
Nutjert en Ankh,
Nefer em pet!
Pet em hotep
Ta em hotep
Nutjert sat Nut
Sat Geb,Merit Ausar,
Nutjert asha renu!
Anekh brak
Anekh brak
Tu a atu
Tu a atu
Nebet Aset!
    ------------ISIS ANOINTING OIL-------------
  • 4drops Rose essential oil
  • 4drops Jasmine essential oil
  • 4drops Neroli essential oil
  • 1drop Lavender essential oil
  • add to this 2Tblsp.Jojoba oil.

(The above chant was written by Padiusiri, and the picture of the bath is by Arianna)
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