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Here's a chance to adopt your very own dragon or Raptor and watch it grow! All you need to do is E-Mail me and tell me the name of your new pet, whether it is male or female and the color if you want.The dragons and raptors on all the pages are presently taken, so I will draw a totally new personalized one.

Here is a lovely dragon her name is Mr. Hankey

I'm hungry....
This cute fellow is named Firebreath, he just got adopted by Maggie!

Here is a baby hatching!

I devoured all the brave nights!

This cool middle aged dragon is Hell Fire

I belong to Pope! I am the great master of fire!
This is Diana, she is a newborn!

Now you can also adopt cute little Raptors!

I am a velociraptor!
Say hello to Reptile!

I am a red snouted utahraptor, one of the most powerful of my time
This is Jake
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    Dragon Counter, His name is Adam