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The Books

Here are some of K.A.Applegates books,K.A.Applegate is the great writter of the Animorphs!

#1 The Invasion - This is how the animorphs came to be, the very first book where they meet Elfangor and gain their morphing capabilities.

#2 The Visitor - This is about Rachel, Rachel morphs a cat and decides to sneak into one of the most dangerous controlers house. This book is very exciting.

#3 The Encounter - This is about how Tobias gets stuck in morph and gets trapped like me. This is one of my most favorite book!

#4 The Message - This is how the Animorphs meet the other member of the Animorphs Ax, yep, another cool andalite.

#5 The Predator - This is about how Marco finds out his long lost mom is Visser One, only the greatest of all yeerk!

#6 The Capture - This is an exciting book, Jake gets a Yeerk in his head, now the Animorphs are really in trouble!

#7 The Stranger - In this book Rachel finds out a new and powerful force the Ellimists, and he has come eith a tough choice... You can leave earth or fight to your doom...

#8 The Alien - This book revolves around Ax, Ax decides to find more about humans, but the Animorphs on Ax's case because he's keeping secrets..

#9 The Secret - Cassie's mad the yeerks are destroying the place Ax and Tobias calls home, They know they will find the andalites..

#10 The Android - Marco finds out their are others, an alliance, they are a good-natured species but then something goes wrong...

#11 The Forgotten - Jake and the others are stuck in time, their only hope is Visser 3 but then they get captured...

#12 The Reaction - Rachel gets into big trouble, she starts morphing spontaneously, and right in front of Chapmon, an very inportant yeerk.

#13 The Change - The Elimist is back and he wants Tobias to help, in return he gets the morphing power back does it work?

#14 The Unknown - it is said that zone 91 has proof of alien life, now the yeerks and the Animorphs are racing to find out.

#15 The Escape - Marco has another chance to face his mom but this time its not so nice...

#16 The Warning - The Animorphs find out that there may be other allies, especialy when there's are whole website with people talking about yeerks, is it a trap or are they allies?

#17 The Underground - The Animorphs have found a way into the yeerk pool and a great weekspot...

#18 The Desicion - Ax finds a way home, should he stay or leave behind the ever so kind Animorphs.

#19 The Departure - Cassie has to prove that some yeerks are good but this also means that she loses her life forever...

#20 The Discovery - The animorphs discover the Escalfil Device, the morphing box that allows you have the morphing box, but then trouble starts because the kid who has it is about to give it to Visser 3.

#21 The Threat - The new Animorph David is killing off the Animorphs...

#22 The Solution - The animorphs find a way against evil David

#23 The Pretender - Tobias has a choice...To have a normal life with his aunt as a human or an animorph as a hawk... but then things go all wrong.

#24 The Suspicion - The animorphs meet a new race, the Helmacrons. At first it is a small problem but things turn much worse.

#25 The Extreme - The animorphs find themselves in the artic against the Zenber,a once extinct race but was kind-of brought back by the yeerks.

#26 The Attack - A Battle of the Crayak! Its Howlers Vs the Animorphs..who will win?

#27 The Exposed - Rachel and the other animorphs have to go for a deep sea dive in order to help the Chee.

#28 The Experiment - The Yeerks have disigned a new drug to get rid of free will in humans. They began destributing it in hamburgers! can the animorphs stop this insanity?

# 29 The Sickness - All of the animorphs have fallen into a strange sickness, Cassie is the only one that can save them. Can she get the cure and save Ax from his head exploding?

#30 The Reunion - Marco finds out his mom is alive, but Visser 3 is out to kill her. Can the animorphs save her without revealing who they really are?

#31 The Conspiracy - Jakes great grampa has died. His family plans on taking a trip to grampa G's funeral...only problem is that it will take 4 days, and Tom needs to get to the yeerk pool...

#32 The Separation - Somethings going on with Rachel-and its double the trouble. One part of her is scared and timid,the other is insane for battle. Can they help Rachel before her timid side tells the truth to everyone?

#34 The Illusion - Tobias chose to go on one of the most dangerous missions, volunteer to be captured by the yeerks to test their new anti-morphing ray that could be fatal.

Megamorphs#1 - Rachel gets amnesia and a great dust beast is after the Animorphs...

Megamorphs#2 - The Animorphs take a trip in time to the dinosaurs where all the excitemet begins.

Megamorphs#3 - Visser Four has the time matrix, and he plans to do some history changing..

Andalite Chronicles - The life story of Elfangor

Hork-Bajir Chronicles - The dark story of the great battle that has never been told.. Wouldn't want to miss it

Alternamorphs: The First Journey - A choose your own adventure book of the first journey.

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