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A Baby Hawk

A hawk soars high overhead, wings spread wide as it soars endlessly. It soon returns to the nest in which it guards so fiercly. The parents greet each other and switch positions of the nest. The great father settles down upon 3 little eggs. They have a comfy glow on the shiny lavender shell. The mother flies off to get food for herself. It is quiet on the coastal prairies of Texas.

Mother soon returns and they exchange nest sitting duties. She sits gently down on the eggs. A few days later after much waiting, an egg starts to move, it bounces, peeps and starts hatching. A small peck appears on the egg. After awhile a powerful yet weak head peeks out from under mothers' feathers to look at the world. A few days of wait and soon all 3 chicks have hatched. "Peep Peep Peep" was heard from the nest, but one particular chick was not as strong as his brothers ,we shall call him Sharpclaw. Sharpclaw was the smallest and weakest of the chicks since he was born last. He might even die if there wasn't enough food to eat since he was the weakest and he won't be able to get to the food first. Soon father came with a delicious feast of jackrabbit, one of their favorite meals. Some how Sharpclaw knew his dependence and survival clung to that dear hawk that loomed greatly above him. It was like a giant shawdow above him. One of the most powerful of birds. Sharpclaw streatched his weak neck up hopeing for a bite. "EerAKCKK" Sharpclaws older brother pushed him aside and took the food. Sharpclaw was trampeled by his two brothers and he did not get meat that time. Other times he was lucky, he got the meal when his two older brothers were busy squabeling at each other. Life wasn't always so peaceful though, because one particular day... It was a nice shiny bright day and the chicks didn't know what they were in for. On this particular day all the other chicks were napping while Sharpclaw was awake and looking around the nest. "TTTTTTSSSSSSEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR" a horrible shriek was let out across the horizon and before anyone could move Sharpclaws' brother was gone. A split second to late both parents arrived but the dangerous huge eagle was gone. That was life on the prairies, iy was tough but thats life. Sharpclaw soon learned this. The death of his brother gave Sharpclaw a better chance of survival and more food.

Long days past and the two chicks were ready for flight, Sharpclaw was less dependent on his mother and father now and was getting ready to leave. Sharpclaw opened his white tail and flapped his brown wings. He was not yet the same color of his beautiful parents. Sharpclaws' brother opened his wings and hopped off the nest, he flew around a bit and then crashed into a tree. He was not hurt. Sharpclaw opened his wings and pushed off the nest he dropped heavily but then caught himself and flew up. Dad came later with a large grasshopper and plopped it down a few feet away from the nest. If the chicks wanted food they would have to fly there. Sharpclaw was the first to fly but lost his balance and landed on a lower branch. This time Sharpclaws' brother got the meal as he soared beautifly to his father for the meal. Next time it was mothers turn to get the meal. They always switched so one could be rested and guard the children otherwise another preditors may strike. While practising Sharp claw happened to notice a small mammal from up in the air. He flew down "TTTSEEEEERRRR" he secreatched as he sweeped his talons up. "eek!" the field mouse screamed and scurried away. Soon the day came when the parents would no longer feed their chicks. They snapped their beaks and seemed to have lost their care for both chicks,so the chicks flew away. Sharpclaws' brother flew one way, Sharpclaw another. Sharplaw tought himself tricks to catching a meals and soon he had his own nest with his own mate starting a new life...


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