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And...Here's ME!!

For those people who have never heard of a White-tailed hawk

White-tailed hawks only live in texas, they are large birds that live on the coastal prairies. Genus name:Buteo albicaudatus. slate-gray and white underparts with white tail. Shoulders are rusty red with a black band on the tail. Long narrow wings, immatures are sooty brown. White-tailed hawks feed off of large insects, rabbits, snakes, frogs and quail. Other names are Praire hawk, Sennett's white-tailed hawk, or white-tailed buzzard.

The Human Me



Birthday=December 29th, 1985


Likes= ANIME!!!Fushigi Yuugi,Rurouni Kenshin,Dragon ball Z,Slayers,Evangelion,GunSmith Cats, 8-man, Lodoss War, Ninja Scroll, Gundam, Ranma , Akira, Fatal Fury, Iria, Tenchi Muyo, Nadeisico, Mononoke Hime, Genesis, Angel Cop and Ghost in the Shell. I also play starcraft,hellfire,diablo, quake 2,brood wars and others. my bnet name is _Lina_Inverse_ . I also love The Offspring, nirvana, gold finger,green day, vandals,manson,spiked dr pepper,infested kookies and anime music.

Dislikes=Wannabe Saiyans, java script errors, Dr Pepper that isn't spiked,Sailor Moon,Pks on diablo,and people that hate things and don't have good reasons.

Picture=Ummmmm no.But there's my hawk form up there.

Pet(s)=A cockateil named Wiggles the second, and a duck named Goku who's 6 months old (full grown!) . I raise ducks or chickens every year. My grubber fishy died. :(

Quote(s)= "FRIKK!!!!" and "Moo Quack"

Location=Florida..very boring..and hot..

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Anilist! I did the lay-out and the banner on this page
On this page I did the frames and the banner.
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This midi is the fushigi yuugi theme song
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