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Vaught Concentration Camp

It was originally divided into two sections. The first one was designed to hold the Jewish prisoners before they were to be moved to Germany. The second section was a security camp were all Dutch and Belgian political prisoners, men and woman were sent. The food rations were nearly non-existent, perhaps a warm bowl of water with a few carrots floating on top. The guards often tortured the prisoners with cruelty beatings, beating them to death. (many prisoners were told to have been beaten to death with a club wrapped in barbed wire) Dogs were also provoked to attack the prisoners, inflicting very painful damage.

In addition, during May and August 1943, there were two other sections that were added to the camp. One of them being "Frauenkonzentrationslager" (FKL) for women. The second addition was "Polizeiliches Durchgangslager", a section for prisoners in detentions. Usually only there for a very short time span.

The 4th Canadian Armor Division, and the 96 The Battery of the 5th Anti -Tank Division were the first in liberating Vught concentration Camp. The Canadians troops came over the hill right up to the wall fighting the Germans. The Germans were evacuation from the camp and left a rear guard action to fight the allies. They were fighting and running at the same time.

Entering the camp into the courtyard, one would notice the 500 bodies piled up, having been executed only that morning. They had all just been tossed into a pile. Luckily the 500-600 live prisoners that were to be executed the following day were spared due to the Canadians showing up at the camp. Those still alive in the camp where in the worst condition, starving to death, sickly ill, and very badly mistreated by the guards.

The former camp location is now occupied by a penitentiary.

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