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Symbols of Nazi Germany

Symbols have always held a lot of meaning, When it Came to Nazi Germany, there were multiple diffrent symbols, these are a few of the selected.


Symbol Type: Neo-Nazi Symbol
Traditional Use/ Origins: When shown in a cunterclockwise direction, an ancient religious symbol that represented a sign of good luck.
Hate Groups/ Extremist Organization: Neo-Nazi, Racist Skin heads, White Supermacists
Extremist Meaning or Representation: Emblem of Various neo-Nazi Groups
Background/ History: The swastika was adopted by Germany's Nazi Party. Prior to the Nazis co-opting this symbol, it was known as a good luck symbol and was used by various religious groups. Hitler made the Nazi swastika unique to his party by reversing the normal direction of the symbol so that it appeared to spin clockwise. Today, it is widely used, in various incarnations, by neo-Nazis, racist Skinheads, and other white supermacist groups.

Three Sevens

Symbol Type: Skin Head Simbol & Neo-Nazi Symbol
Also Know as: Three-bladed Swastika, "Flowering Power", Three Seven Link
Hate Group/ Extremist Orginaization: Neo-Nazis, Racist Skinheads, Skinhead Orginization and Publication: "Blood and Honour", AWB Afrikaner Resistance
Extremist Meaning or Representation: White Supremacy
Background/ History: A variation of the swastika used by Nazi Germany, the "Three Sevens" or "Three-Bladed Swastika" is comprised of three sevens to symbolize supremacy over the devil (frequently represented by 666). It is a symbol used by racist skinheads, neo-Nazis.

Eagle atop Swastika

Symbol Type: Neo-Nazi Symbol
Also Know As: Formal Symbol of Adolph Hitler's Third Reich
Traditional Use/ Origins: The eagal on its own represents power and stregth.
Hate group/ Extremist Orginization: Neo-Nazis
Extremist Meaning or Representation: Neo-Nazi Groups, particularly those that do not have a unique logo, often use this symbol.
Background/ History: The Nazi Party began using this symbol in the 1930's to represent the power and stregth of the party.

Nazi Swastika with Iron Cross

Symbol Type: New-Nazi Symbol
Traditional Use/ Origins: The Iron Cross(w/o the swastika) was a medal that originated during Napoleonic Wars and becameone of the worlds most easily recognized military decorations
Hate Groups/ Extremist Orginization: Neo-Nazi
Extremist meaning or representation: Demontrates a beleif of National Socialism.
Background History: Adolph Hitler renewed use of the Iron Cross in 1939 and superimposed the Nazi Swastika in its center. Following the fall of the Third Reich, the symbol became strictly prohibited in post-war Germany. Today, the Symbol is often displayed by Neo-Nazi groupd, especially as jewlery.

Odin Rune

Symbol Type: General Racist Symbol, Neo-Nazi Symbol
Also Known As: Norse Rune
Traditional Use/ Origins: The Rune expresses faith in the Pagan religion of Odinism and was origianlly a symbol of the Vikings.
Hate Group/ Extremist Orginization: Neo-Nazi, White Supermacists
Extremist Meaning or Representation: Aryan heritage and cultural pride.
Background/History: While not by nature a racist relifion, Odinism is popular amoung white supermacists because its Old Norse origins are seen as representative of Aryan heritage and cultural pride. The symbol was common within Celtic and ancient Germanic cultures and was later adopted by the Nazi's for that reason.*note- there are many variations to these symbols

Skull and Crossbones

Symbol of: Neo-Nazi symbol
Also Known As: "Death's Head" or Totenkopf
Traditional Use/ Origins: Symbol of the Nazi Schutzstaffel(SS)
Hate Group/ Extremist Orginization: Neo-Nazi, Racist Skinheads
Extremist Meaning or Representation: Shows allegiance to the white supermacist movement
Background/ History: The "Death's Head" was the symbol of the SS-Totenkophfverbande[one of the three original branches of the SS] whose purpose was to guard the concentration camps. Most of the Original members of this orginization where later transferred into and became the core of a Waffen SS division, the Deaths Head Division. The symbol is most often seen as a tatto, which sometimes indicates that its wearer has murdered one of the movements enemies.

Thinder/ Lightning Bolts

Symbol Type: Neo-Nazi Symbol
Also known As: SS Bolts
Traditional Use/ Origions: Nazi Symbol signify the Schutzstaffel(SS)Henrivh Himmler's police forces, whose members ranged from agents of the Gestapo to soldiers of the Waffen SS to the Guards at the concentration and Death Camps.
Hate Groups/ Extreamist Orginizations: Neo-Nazis, Racist Skinheads
Background History: The symbol is frequently seen in neo-Nazi tattos and graffiti and characterizes the beliefs of Neo-Nazis and Racist Skinheads- Violence, anti-Semitism, white supermacy and facism

The Fap flag is the Symbol of the Freiheitliche Dutche Arbeierpartei. The FAP Is one of the Germany's most violent Nazi Groups.

German Imperical Warflag *Kriegsflagge* are used by German Nazis as a substitute for a forbidden Swastika.

This is the symbol for the Nazi Prisoners Aid, a group that work to get Nazi Prisoners out of Jail. *note- the text around the mark says "Hilfsgeminschauf fur nationale politische Gefangene und deren Angehorige."*

White Power patch used by the Nazi Skins in the USA.

This flag uses norse runes which are popular amoungt nazis all over Europe. These symbols(originally used by the Vikings) are now used to denote the ideals about Aryan heritage. *note- not everyone that uses Nordic runes are Fascists. Relgions of today also use them as symbolshaving nothing to do with race, neighter did the Vikings.

The Swastika is used in the Russian National Unity flag. This indicates the close affinity to Hitler amoung Russian Fascists.

This white power cross is a popular symbol amoungst Europe's hardcore Nazis.

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