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Things you need:

Bp. I used GOEX FFFG

Napth. I used Moth balls.

Casing. I folded the mix in news paper and wraped with masking tape.

Fuse. I used an Ematch , but Visco should work.

!*!*!*!*!*! SAFETY !*!*!*!*!*!*!

Here is me wearing the basic safety stuff.

Wear all cotton clothes, A dust mask is a must. Latex gloves, work OUTSIDE with LOT'S of ventalaton. Don't touch your face!!! You may also want to wear safety goggles. No open flame OR SMOKING! Make sure someone is close by to take you to the hospital is you get hurt. As with ALL fireworks, don't hold in hand while lighting. Also it's worth noting, when I work with Napth. my face starts to burn. I think I'm algeric the Napth.!

How to do it:

STEP ONE: First powder the Moth Balls (They are the Napth. ones right?!?!?!). Next measure out 70 grams of the Napth powder. Place this aside for now.

STEP TWO: Now measure out 30 grams of Bp.( note: Depending on the grain size and the type of Bp you may need to adjust the ratios). Remember the 70 grams of Napth? Get that now. Next screen in the Bp. Use the diapering method of mixing and mix the two. Mix untill the all of the Napth. is gray, you should still see some Bp grains( again, this may vary).

STEP THREE: If the mix isn't on news paper put it on some now. Spred the Bp+Napth mix out so that it's not a " mountian". Measure out 30 grams of new Bp. Useing a stick ( dowel rod, not one from a tree, duh!) push some of the Bp+Napth mix out of the center of your pile. You should have a crater now. Pour the 30 grams of Bp into this crater. Now insert your Ematch or Visco into the center of the plain Bp. Fold up the news paper around the Ematch or Visco. You should now have a ball with "feathers" sticking out the top. Take a piece of cotton string and I tie the "ball" closed as far down as you can.


Trim off all the excess paper. Now you should have a nice newspaper filled ball full of Bp+Napth mix.

Now get your masking tape and " string up" the ball. Be sure the ball is really strong.

Put your salute on a hard concrete surface, like a road. Light fuse and retire. If the salute worked right, there should be a loud report with a bright flash. If it dosen't work right, I'm sure you can use your problem solveing skills to figure out how to fix it.

Here is my first ever S&P salute. I wasn't even sure if it would work. Well it did work and I got two fireballs from it. These are very loud and you should be VERY carefull when and where you light them.

This is a picture of a much smaller salute I made and lit durring the day time.


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