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50grams of KNO3

50grams of 10x sugar

1/2 inch dowel rod

Two(2) tolet paper tubes

Cheap kitty litter

Butter tub or other round container with lid

Marbles(Note:NEVER use marbles for ball milling!)

Visco fuze or Ematches


Mixing the composition:

Take the 50grams of KNO3 and put it in the butter tub. Do the same for sugar. Put the marbles in the tub( NOTE:NEVER use marbles to mix a (per)chlorate or blackpowder!) Then put the top on. Shake the tub in a circluar motion so the marbles roll along, not bounce. Do this for 3mins (Note: the longer you mix the better the results!) Thats it the compositon is finished!!! Now put the composition is a one(1) gal ziploc bag, push out all of the air, then put the bag in the tub and put away.

Making the casing:

Take one of the toilet paper tubs and cut a slot in it longways. Re-roll the tube on the 1/2 inch dowel. Put some glue on the tube at every layer. when that tube is finished let it dry (Note:let it dry. If you use it now it will smush up and be useless!). When dry cut the other tube longways and roll the same way on the other tube. Let that dry. When dry, ram a 1/2 inch clay( kitty litter) plug.


Fill the tube 3/4 the way full with the comp. Then with the dowel, press it down. Fill tube up again 3/4 full pres again. Repeat the process until the tube is 3/4 full of hard packed comp. Then put in your ematch or Visco fuse. fill it the rest of the way, until ypou have a 1/4 inch space from the top. Take a square of tolet paper. Twist it and plug the top it.(Note: you can skip this step if you plan to use it now and won't spill it!!). Well thats it!! Now just dig a hole and bury it. Light fuse ( or push the button) and get away.

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