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Oh, CANADA, Eh?!?!

The pictures may take a while to download. Please be patient - they really are worth the wait!
Here I am with my personal hero... Nuala!! She never ceased to amaze me on this trip - braving ice, snow, and sleet to get us where we needed to be. What a gem! Thanks once again Sara for being "everything I wished I could be..." :o)
All gussied up and ready to PARTY!!! That's me, ABAJA, with the coveted golden crown, Karma looking like the sophisticate that she is, Guenlian looking all cuddly and our lovely Nuala!
Here are Slax and Deathtongue all wrapped up in crepe paper - just where us vixens want 'em!! LOL I think they might have been a little overwhelmed by us five fun females, but rest assured... they weren't complaining! ;o)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Karmi and Guen celebrating the New Year at the Black Sheep Pub in Toronto! Yahoooooooo for 1999!!
The three acro vixens taking a night off... LOL This picture was taken at The Dickens - a quaint, quiet pub in downtown Burlington, Canada.
Look what happens when there are two bored acroers... Amy-OH took all of Karma's make-up and plastered my face trying to make me into a glamour girl. LOL You can't tell in this photo, but in real life my skin had this curious orange tint to it... so very odd.
Sara was never to far from the computer so she could chat to her man over in Ireland. Well... she wasn't the only one who spent time chatting. LOL
Here we are after losing a whole $20 Canadian dollars at Casino Niagara! Decided to drown our sorrows in the Hard Rock Cafe that was downstairs. Thank goodness we weren't that man who lost his life savings the waitress told us about. YIKES!!
Oh, alas, Buffalo is snowed under! What are us three lovely stranded American gals to do?!?! Why, go to the Fallsview Marriott in Niagara and get a room of course! We were put on the 21st floor and look at the view we had to put up with.. oh, the humanity!! :o)