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Hi, My name is Thomas, (my nickname is Destroyer or professor.)I am a 14 year old boy and I live in a small town called Riverview in Florida. I have lived here most of my life.

About one year ago I got this little thing called the internet. Then I started makeing webpage. at first I was'nt that good at doing it. (to tell the truth I sucked at it real bad!) and then I got better and better.

One year later (at the age of 14) I joined a subclan called F-TTC of the TTC. (The Terminal Clan) And their I made alot of friends.

Now, I am realy good at web page design and I have ben promoted to sub council and I am full TTC and one of the leaders of the R6-TTC. (my name is Destroyer--TTC. you can find me on
(The R6-TTC Page I designed can be found at

E-Mail me at