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  • The deadline to enter is NOON (Eastern U.S. Time) of Sunday, September 9, 2018. No one can enter the competition after the season has begun. Once again, NO MONEY is involved.
  • Each participant must pick every game for the upcoming week. If any game is left out, it will be counted as a loss unless it is corrected before the deadline. Point spreads are NOT used.
  • Changes can be made any time before the deadline simply by re-filling out the form. Also, one can send me E-mail listing all desired changes.
  • If for any reason these webpages cannot be accessed to make one's picks, the players can still make their picks by sending me E-mail. It is suggested that all players write down my E-mail address in case these pages are temporarily down:
  • All participants are strongly urged to make picks for EVERY week! Players who miss a week will be given a record one game worse than that week's lowest score. For example, if the week's lowest score is 5-11, those who did not submit their picks will receive a record of 4-12 for that week.
  • If for any reason, a player will be unable to have access to the Internet for an upcoming week, let me know in advance and something will be arranged.
  • Before the season begins, every player will be asked to create a unique password. This password will need to be submitted along with the picks for the entire season to ensure that the person sending the picks is indeed that person. This will hopefully prevent the sabotaging of others' picks.
  • The deadline for each week's picks will be NOON (Eastern U.S. Time) on Sunday. When there are games on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, these games will be included with the previous week's picks and can be changed any time before the games begin.
  • The regular-season competition is separate from the pre-season challenge. Once the regular-season begins, all records will be reset to 0-0-0. Participation in the warm-up pre-season challenge is not neccesary for entry into the regular-season competition.
  • Guests not in the competition but still wishing to submit a week's picks may do so by selecting "GUEST" on the game-form and by entering their name/handle in the password box. These players' results will be shown for that week, but not carried on throughout the season.

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