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"The Cardinal's"

On-Line NFL Pool

- - - - - It's back for yet another year: the 23nd Annual On-line NFL Pool is here again! As always, the contest is absolutely free and each pick can be made with just the touch of a mouse button. The competition simply involves predicting the winner of each NFL game every week. And don't worry about those hated point spreads, we don't use those things around here. So grab your helmet, and your mouse, and prepare to test your skills and defend your team's honor against the best the NFL has to offer.

Registration is now underway, and if you're new to this contest, please take the few minutes to read through the Official Rules. And don't forget to Submit Your Picks for the opening week of exhibition games for the separate pre-season contest (if your name is not listed, you can still send in your picks by entering your name in the password box). Good luck!

2017: Cruizer; 2016: Cruiser; 2015: TT12, ThunderChiefs, & Road Warriors; 2014: TT12; 2013: razorback70; 2012: C_hawkfan; 2011: De Picker's Dawgs; 2010: In Memory of I.P. Freely; 2009: C_hawkfan; 2008: Cruizer; 2007: Lindy; 2006: Dallas22; 2005: Bruiser; 2004: qazz3; 2003: Bobbygene; 2002: Road Warriors; 2001: Raven Irish; 2000: Shawner; 1999: Butch & Hud; 1998: Da Last Don; 1997: J-BLAZE; 1996: E-Dogg


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- - - - - With help from the people at Lpage, I have set up a message board for the competitors to use. So, whenever you get the urge to brag about your perfect performance, or feel the need to stick it to your rival who just finished the week at 3-13, go ahead and let the rest of the field know it by signing below. Just remember to keep it clean. Enjoy!

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