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When relatives depart this life, our love for them we find, is stored in hearts as memories in all they leave behind

It's known as genealogy to young ones when they've grown; it tells them of our earthly love for those we might have known.

We think of those who lived before while traveling down life's lane, a drop of blood from each of them, flowing in our veins.

They fought so gallantly in war and settled new frontiers, to make our lands a better place to live in later years.

And, as we know they made mistakes and acted humanly, when they were young and temptable, just like you and me.

The day we enter Paradise, and angels show us in, When they turn to us and say "please meet your early kin", Will we hide our eyes and drop our heads and say in shame, "I'm sorry but in mortal life I never heard your names"?

But no! We'll raise our heads up high to meet their loving gaze, and say "Oh yes! I know you and of your earthly days.

Someone wrote the story of how you lived your life; of times of joy and happiness, and yes, of pain and strife." And if my work is handed down I will not be surprised When descendants come to Paradise and I am recognized.