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We are a Fan Driven, Internet Powered, Chat Room Formatted, Text Based, Fantasy/Adventure Gorean Roleplay Group. Here you will find guides on how to enter play, rules of play, learning sites for the World of Gor, Wolf Brother Memorabilia and Apparel, Fraternal Order of the Wolf Brothers Membership Information, etc.

What is RolePlaying?

According to Wikipedia-
. “Roleplaying refers to the changing of one’s behavior to assure a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. While the Oxford English Dictionary offers a definition of role-playing as “the changing of one’s behavior to fulfill a social role”. In the field of Psychology, the term is used more loosely in four senses.
To refer to the playing of roles generally such as in theater or educational setting.
To refer to taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out with a partner taking someone else’s role, often involving different genres of practice.
To refer to a wide range of games including role-playing video games, play –by- play mail games and more, To refer specifically to role playing games.

What is Wolf Brother RolePlay?

Wolf Brother Roleplay is set in the world created by John Norman in his Gor Novel series. Everything Norman pretty much writes is from the hero's perspective of Tarl Cabot and others who are agents of the benevolent Priest Kings. Our stories and play follow the bloodline of Astronaut John Wolf, from Grand Sherimina in the Pacific Northwest, on both sides of the Gorean Saga, Earth and Gor. John Wolf and his family are on the opposite of Norman's hero in their own saga on the Gorean World. They are agents of the savage Kur, nemesis of the Priest Kings, who want to conquer both worlds. Our roleplay are of his bloodline and the people involved with and against it. This RolePlay was started by 7 friends and fans of John Norman's Books in 1995 as a hobby in Ocala, Florida. Today there are Wolf Brothers as far away as Australia and is a globally played roleplay. We roleplay this out in chat rooms in a site called Hyperchat. We use the sub sites within the realm ; Justice Alliance of Gor or JAG for the Gor side of the Wolf Brothers RolePlay; and The State Of Insanity or soi for the Earth Side. there is no cost whatsoever to enter Wolf Brothers RolePlay.

What is Gor?

~from Luther's Gorean Scrolls-
"The simple answer is that Gor, also known as the Counter-Earth, is a fictitious planet that is supposed to be in the same orbit as Earth, but on the opposite side of the Sun. Thus, a Gorean is simply a person born on the world of Gor. Gor is a barbaric world, ruled by steel and concerned with honor. It is primarily a male dominated world where slavery is an ancient and universally accepted institution. The overseers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, are technologically advanced aliens who monitor and protect Gor. The Priest-Kings have transported numerous people from Earth to Gor over a period of thousands of years. They have also restricted Goreans from using many forms of technology but have allowed them to excel in a few limited areas where their technology even surpasses that of Earth. For example, Gorean Physicians have created the Stabilization Serums, a cure for aging. Such a cure would be priceless on Earth."

What is Hyperchat, JAG, and soi?

Hyperchat is a chat room hosting site composed of several different themed realms. Two of Which are Justice Alliance of Gor which host Gorean themed rooms, and State of Insanity which host more real world themes.
Hyperchat is in no way associated with Wolf Brothers RolePlay except it is an open for business, already existing, host to our type of RolePlay. The Wolf Brothers receives no compensation whatsoever for using Hyperchat, in fact we pay for accounts to own rooms in the realms reserved for our roleplay only.
There is no cost to enter and play in Hyperchat. It is free. Membership to Hyperchat is offered but not required to play.
Membership to Hyperchat is relatively inexpensive and is encouraged. Hyperchat Membership offers you the power of reserved names that no one else can use in your realm as long as you are a member, the ability to display avi's or "faces" with your name and decorate the font and color of your name, the ability to "whisper" privately in chat rooms, provides you a private Mailroom, the ability to enter "Member Only" rooms (which none of the Wolf Brother rooms ever are, but if you wanted to look around the realm at other rooms.), the ability to add up to 6 new chat rooms to the Wolf Brother RolePlay community such as your home, camp, business, perhaps even start you own village or city as you become more advanced. At last check it was around $5.00 a month paid in 4 month increments or so, not a direct quote as Hyperchat sets their own prices.
There are other rooms involved in different types of written roleplay including Erotica,perhaps even other Gorean themed, separate from Wolf Brothers RolePlay rooms in Hyperchat. Due to the adult content of some of these rooms and Gor itself and the nudity in some of the avis you must be 18 to enter Hyperchat. The Earth Realm is being revamped at this time and is not ready for launch yet. The Gor side is up and running and has been for years.
We will update when the earth side is ready for launch.

If I Wanted To Play What Would Do I Do Next?

Its easy Peasy. Simply click on the link below to take you to the Basic way to Roleplay in Wolf Brothers Roleplay.

The Extremely Basic Roleplay Basics

For More Information or if you want to start play please do not hesitate to email us :

The Below Fantasy Avatar was done in a paint program from an album cover.
It was done by one of their first kajira when Wolf Brothers RolePlay first began around 1995.
It is the First Avatar for the Wolf Brothers.