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My name is James Rosenweig. I used to live in Ocala, Florida but in September 1999 I moved to McMinnville, Oregon.
I have 5 beautiful children:
Trysta , Ashley , Tamamtha , Kristen , and James Jr.(Bubba) .

My passion is the martial arts, which I have studied since 1974.My teacher is O'Sensei Earl Frazier. I currently hold a 5th degree black belt and was awarded the title Kancho(which means "Master of the House")by Great Grand Master Isidro Archibeque. I hold black belts in:


I was a professional kickboxer for 9 years.

I also have a love of animals. I reptiles seem to be a passion though. However my best friend is my American Eskimo, Ryu.I current have as roomates 3 iguanas, 4 snakes,a russian tortise,a western fence lizard,a savanah monitor, a cat and of course Ryu.


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~The Dark~
So many things to so many different Souls
The Dark is the light
The shadows in the night that hold their sweet secrets
The lover you caress
The Bloodstained hands of your past
The Fear you hold within
The Wrath
The Lust
The Longing you are feeling right now
The Taste of pleasure on your lips..
I am all of these things
The Dark is the Diary of your mind
You hide your fears and hopes within its pages
Yes I hold your Fantasies
I will keep your secrets..
I am Darkness
The Beauty within you
The one who will accept you when you feel you don't belong
I love you
I will always Embrace you into my Black Night
I am Darkness..
I am always here..
Waiting where I have always waited
In the depths of your mind
Until you call...

Author ~ James Rosenweig


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