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Welcome to my little spot on the net. I made this site for my wife and have added so much since I started it. My wife is from Puerto Rico the City of Cabo Rojo. I have been to the Isla only once and LOVED IT. We went all over the Isla. To The El Morro, Guajatacua, and much much more. We now live in Florida with My Brother-In-Law and Son.

My brother in law is into Raceing. He owns a Suzki Forza that he is Upgrading for raceing. He enters it in the Races at the Speedway in St.Petersburgh FL. It is a great looking car. Well I hope you like the site. Any ?'s or comments should be sent toME. Again thank you for stoping by.


Site Updates: Added some Java to the page at the Bottom, And the New Image at the Top. That is about it for Now. Oct 14, 1998

Well I messed up and Lost my Home page. I had to rebuild from the Begining. So it is a Little Messed up right now. so please bare with me. I will be redoing it soon. Oct. 12, 1998

Added some new Pages. The My award page and the WebMasters Page please check them out. Thanks. Oct 10, 1998

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Hecho en Puerto Rico
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