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All the files are zipped to minimize download times. Use win-zip to unzip the files. If you dont have it, go get it.

Sound Clips (8k) The Panther Growl (18k) The ESPN Sportscenter theme (39k) The Panther rats asking for a goal... (102k) ESPN National Hockey Night theme (142k) The Miami Arena horn goes off after a goal!!! (291k) This is what they play before the game to get the fans and players pumped up... (805k) "Hey" song played after Panther goals

Movies/Wallpaper (464k) John Vanbiesbrook makes an AMAZING save!! (816k) Robby Niedermayer takes on Eric Lindros in the '96 Eastern Semis (985k) Ray Whitney scores against the Flyers in the Panther's final game at the Arena (104k) *Big Panthers logo for your desktop. (800x600)

*To use the wallpaper, unzip and open the .bmp file. Choose "Set As Wallpaper (centered)" from the file menu, and you're done!