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Marble's Ancestors Portraits Gallery
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GG Green Carver 
GREEN CARVER, son of John CARVER and Nancy CLAYTON, grandson of William CARVER and Nancy DRAPER, was born June 09, 1828 in North Carolina, and died December 30, 1904 in Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama. He married (1) LOUSIA POWELL Abt. 1847. She was born September 12, 1833, and died March 1853 in Pickens County, Alabama. He married (2) MARTHA L. STAPP November 21, 1855, daughter of WILLIAM STAPP and MARY MAXWELL. She was born March 01, 1836 in Alabama, and died January 14, 1896 in Pickens County, Alabama. He married (3) NANNIE BARNES Abt. 1900 in Pickens County, Alabama. About 1837, the CARVER family of John and Nancy with five sons; Stanford, William, John, Levi, and Green migrated from Roxbora, Person County, North Carolina to Pickens County, Alabama. At this time, John CARVER and his family were listed among the founders of Liberty Primitive Baptist Church, Pickens County, Alabama. Military Service: GREEN CARVER, a horseman or rider in the cavalry for the Confederates during the Civil War. Green served with MCCAA Rangers, CO. "D", 8th Confederate Regiment Cavalry. Mustered into service NOV 14, 1861, he would have been 33 years old. The MCCAA Rangers served under General Joe Wheeler. Green was listed at muster as 3rd Sgt, later he is listed as being in Co. "I" of the 7th Alabama Cavalry, under the command of Colonel Hodgson's Regiment, of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Brigade. Records indicate that he furnished his own horse and a valuable one, at that. Occupation: A Grocer and Proprietorship GREEN CARVER and his sons have moved to Gordo, Alabama and opened a general store called, "Carver and Sons". Store went bankrupt when people recessing credit, refused to pay bills. Sons and son-in-laws both had worked at "Carver and Sons" including, James Monroe Carver and his son, William Stanford Carver. In the spring of 1898, among existing businesses was Carver and Kirk [believe it was Green Carver and one of his sons-in-law, Robert Early KIRK]. In 1900, Rebecca Elizabeth Carver, daughter of James "Jim" Monroe Carver, married Tom (John Thomas) Noland. Her father and grandfather GREEN CARVER built them a home on "Carver Road" in Gordo. Jim's sons also lived on that road, as did Green Carver. In 1900 United States Census, Pickens, Alabama, GREEN CARVER is living in household of his daughter, Mary “Mollie” Kirk, widow of Robert Early KIRK in Gordo precinct. In December of 1900, Gordo was incorporated and the first town government was elected April 1, 1901. One of the first councilmen was GREEN CARVER. Burial: Green died in Gordo on December 30, 1904. Green Carver is buried beside his wife, (Martha, the first individual buried), at Liberty Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, which Green donated the land for prior to 1896, from the original Carver Homestead in Pickens County, Alabama. Green Carver joined Liberty Primitive Baptist Church on June 1879 and he was chosen as deacon on July 1881 Children of GREEN CARVER and LOUSIA POWELL are three sons and one daughter: i. JOHN WALTER4 CARVER, b. February 08, 1848, Pickens County, Alabama; d. Abt. June 1864, Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi during Civil War at age of 15.. 2. ii. JOSEPH M. CARVER, b. October 15, 1849, Pickens County, Alabama; d. Aft. 1880. 3. iii. JAMES "JIM" MONROE CARVER, b. May 12, 1851, Pickens County, Alabama; d. January 28, 1932, Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. 4. iv. NANCY EDNA CARVER, b. March 11, 1853, Pickens County, Alabama; d. December 14, 1903, Alabama. Children of GREEN CARVER and MARTHA STAPP are three daughters: 5. v. ANN ELIZABETH "LIZZIE"4 CARVER, b. January 01, 1866, Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama; d. October 19, 1898, Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama. 6. vi. SARAH JANE "SALLIE" CARVER, b. October 11, 1867, Pickens County, Alabama; d. December 19, 1938, Pickens County, Alabama. 7. vii. MARY "MOLLIE" ELLEN CARVER, b. December 03, 1871, Pickens County, Alabama; d. September 07, 1945, Pickens County, Alabama.