Mallrats: Triva


1. The two main characters Brodie, and Quint are named in reference to?

A. Batman

B. Jaws

C. Clerks

D. Evil Dead

2. The background music when T.S. and Hamilton are waiting for the elevator is

the same as in the elevator in?

A. Twilight Zone

B. Halloween 4

C. The Blues Brothers

D. Wayne's World

3. What is the hidden picture in the Magic Eye?

A. Tree

B. Monkey

C. Truck

D. Sailboat

4. When Gill Hicks, 3rd suitor, is asked what is his kiss like he answeres.

A. Soft Breeze

B. Intense

C. Jack Hammer

D. Killer

5. What is Stan Lee constantly comenting on?

A. Couples in love

B. Women

C. Comics

D. His Money 6. What did Shannon Hamilton asked for Tricia Jones To call him during woopie?

A. Baby

B. Big Daddy

C. Donnie

D. Hamilton 7. What did Brodie leave at Rene's house?

A. He's underwear.

B. He's remote controll and his Punisher Comic.

C. He's glasses.

D. He's cigarrets.


1. B

2. C

3. D

4. C

5. A

6. C

7. B

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