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1 What I say goes.
2 You can only enter once.
3 After a match both players should HEAT mail me with results, however if you trust you opponent one responce is enough. I WILL go by whatever responce I get, so if your opponent loses, but reports a win, don't come crying to me, if you didn't report yourself.
4 All mathces are to be played on the EDGE (unless otherwise agreed by BOTH players) until 20 frags.
5 Player that trys to report wrong results of a match will be banned from the tournament, and reffered to HEAT officials for missconduct.
6 I suggest that both players RECORD a demo of the game. If there is any doubts of who the winner is, I will view the demos of players and dicide. (refer to rule #1)
7 DO NOT send in the demo of the game untill I specifically ask you to do so.
8 Void where prohibited (I always wanted to say this!)
9 In case a perimetre player wins, I will ask HEAT officials to transfer the degrees from my account to the winners, however if they refuse, I reserver the right to keep the degree for myself.
10 If case a premium player wins, I will transfer the degree via lost wager for the sum of degrees won.
11 If you don't like something...tough.
12 Prizes are as followes:
1St place in each bracket -- 40000
2Nd place in each bracket -- 10000
Additional 1000 goes to the player who showed the most sportsmanship.