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Ninja Scroll Image archive

This story takes place during the Tokugawa era (1600-1867). Jubei Kibagami (the main character) is a masterless samurai who hires his services for gold ... or a worthy cause. His fearsome abilities with a sword served him well and his reputation is well know though out the land.

"As the story begins there is a mysterious plague sweeping through Shimota Village and everyone has been annihilated by it. A team of Ninja known as the Koga Ninja are sent out by the diamyo (leader of a small clan) to investigate the deaths, but before they can reach the village, they're ambushed in the trees overlooking the village by an unseen enemy, by one of the Eight Devils of Kimon known as Tessai. All are killed... except one. -- Kagero, a beautiful female ninja and palace poison taster, whose kiss can bring instant death to anyone foolish enough to try. Ordered by the team leader Hanza to return to the castle and report what had happened, as she leaves she witnesses his death only to be captured by Tessai. She is taken to a temple were she is assaulted by him. Sitting in the darkness Jubei is there Jubei saves her from a fate worse than death, She thanks him and pretends to be strong and indifferent, but after he leaves, Kagero's pain is shown. Throughout her entire life she has been treated as nothing more than an expendable warrior... forcing herself to live in a world of no emotion and pain. Afterwards, Kagero reports back and gives an account of the fate of the ninja. Surprised at the response, Kagero is sent back alone to discover the mystery of the plague. Soon she meets up again with Jubei & Dakuan (a government spy also sent to learn of the mysterious plague) they reluctantly join forces to discover the mystery of the plague and the Shogun of Darkness."

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