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Let me start off that I'm not writing this in order to impress someone, win something, or look good in somebody's eyes.
Now that we got that out of the way, let me say that HEAT kicks ass! I love this lace ever since I found it summer ot '97. I tried other places such as TEN, MPLAYER, and THE ZONE, but they all suck in comparison to HEAT. No other gaming site gives you ANYTHING for playing, and in most cases, asks something FROM you. "Yeah sure! You have to kick ass to get degrees!" You might be thinking, well, WRONG!!!! Here are some ways you can GET DEGREES WITHOUT WINNING!

OK, I know what you're thinking now, "Well what can I get with those degrees? Stuff probably costs a fortune!", hmmm lets see an example to clarify this: Lets say you played a 2 mixed weeks of Sin, Quake 2, and BattleZone, for 2 hours each day, thats 7000 already just for playing, then add 1400 for logging in and launching a game, then you probably clicked banners everytime they loaded so thats another 5000, then you saw HeatPrizeHogg and got into some trivia and answered 5 questions thats another 5000 or so, then lets say you that you played in 20 rev events for a total of 20000 degrees and donr forget the 1000 you get for signing up for HEAT...for a grand total of: 39400! For that amount you can get games like AGE OF EMPIRES or STARCRAFT! Of course if you can pay ONLY $5.95 to become a premium member. Trust me its worth it! I mean how much does a game like Age of Empires or Starcraft cost?! at least $30!

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