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Here's what's been updated:


Well, man, this has been inactive for some time eh? ... well, here you are all, I've added the storyline back for your pleasure...I'm getting more time to work on websites lately, so I'll eventually get to update the storyline and make it better than what it is...and I'll get the other parts of the town out of renovation LOL.

Good luck all, may the way of the Kai always be with you!


Well, as you've read on the home page...things haven't been going that well for any of the sites that I'm in charge of...the major one that I'm in charge of hasn't even been started ::groan:: ... anyway...till next time...PeAcE~~~

Made the HH pages...still in progress, will be making another domain for it sooner or later if at all possible.

Just a local update, tellin you guys what's goin on in the "real world".

Changed the menu. Changed the entire outlook of the Lone Wolf series of pages. Took out the link to the storyline section for renovations, will return the link when I can get it all worked out...although...the entire Lone Wolf page series is going to change name town center...but that'll change later like I said...go ahead and look at the pages...see what it's like now...
If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm working on making the entire series of pages into one big choose-your-own web page ::grin:: ... please, don't be afraid to e-mail me what you think...I need all the advice I can get.

Still working out the bugs...but most have been fixed...making the side menu a little better.

Finally got the frames right...still some bugs known.
Started on the frames development

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