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The Story

You may have just stumbled upon the ancient storyline section of the web page, but you're not sure...seeing as this site's been kinda...down every once in a while. although this site isn't all that recent, some people came to this site to view just this...but that will all be updated this was just a quick put together for a storyline section. Have fun none the less

You stand before an immaculate doorway. Knocking twice, the door opens slowly, as an gentle looking fellow gestures you to enter. Walking calmly into a beautiful hallway you notice pictures on the walls that depict various battles against the dark lords.
Upon reaching the end of the hallway, the little man steps aside from a door motioning you to enter as he says "Please, follow the carpet to the one you seek." Following a bright red carpet, you finally reach a throne, looking around, you see no-one around.
In a cloud of smoke, the throne is suddenly occupied by an older looking man with the old green Kai cloak that you had heard about so long ago in stories you heard in bars and other clubs. Slowly standing, he speaks to you...
"Hail fellow traveler. My name is Kinam Mogaruth Krindar, and I am the owner of this small castle. Please feel free to explore it at your own free will. As you have probably already seen, this place is not completely built up yet."

Ask him where he hails from...
Ask him what there is here to do
Ask him what is to come in the future
Ask him for permission to leave and explore the castle
Just leave him and mumble "What a freak" as you walk out