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Welcome to Kinam's Kastle, this site is undergoing construction, please have patience...
Hey everyone,
Greetings again! ...I've changed yet again...long time no update :) ... anyway, check it out, I'm still on the webring, but it hasn't been updated as of late to reflect my new address...too bad it's a little odd though, seeing as I'm not sure if it'll work anymore, but if you are here, then you know what you're looking for :) ...

I'll see what I can do to get it updated in the webring listing and stuff...but anyway, guess what...I'm going to open up the STORYLINE again!!! ... yep, that's on the column on the left, you'll see the link to the story again...believe me, I'm upset that I forgot to put it on there...but ... well, anyway, I'll work on it later to try to make it a bit better, and later on, FINISH the TOWN!... :) ...

PeAcE till later all...good luck, and have fun.

Proud Member of the
World of Magnamund

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