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A basic overview of "Evangelion."

Here's some background information for ya.
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In the year 2000, a catastrophe known as SECOND IMPACT occured. This happened when a meteor crashed in the Antarctic, causing a massive explosion. Almost instantaneously, the Polar Caps melted, raising the sea level dramatically. Furthermore, Earth was thrown off it's axis, resulting in drastic climate changes. As a result of this and other difficulties humans faced because of it, half the world's population was destroyed. All this because of a meteor impact...

...or so people were led to believe.

A highly secret U.N. expeditionary force made a startling discovery in the Antarctic. They discovered what was to be the first of a line of incredibly mysterious, humanoid entities. These entities were known only as ANGELS. For some reason, the First Angel exploded. This was Second Impact.

This was the truth.

15 years were spent preparing for the next appearance of the Angels. Within that time, a special organization initially known as Gehirn was created by the U.N.. It's purpose was to study and defend against the Angels. After much research, labor and failure, mankind's greatest weapon and last hope was finally created: Evangelion. Gehirn received a new name: NERV. is 2015.

Welcome to Tokyo-3...the location of NERV headquarters.

Young Shinji Ikari arrives in Tokyo-3. He has been called there by his father, Gendou Ikari, who is the head of NERV. He has not seen his father for three years. Before that, his father had left him while still very young. As you would expect, they are not on the best of terms. Thus, Shinji is completely oblivious to why his father had sent for him. It's not too long before he finds out though. Shinji painfully learns that he has been unwillingly recruited as the pilot of one of the Evangelions...that he has to fight against the Angels. Thus, he is coldly thrown into mortal place for a 14 year old.

...that isn't even a fraction of it all. That is just the beginning. a truer, chronological sense, this is even way past the beginning.

This series is not merely about what I just described. It goes into so much more. Exactly what, you ask?

Weeeell...if you've seen the entire series and given it some thought, you should know and realize exactly what I'm talking about.

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT, what in the heck are you waiting for? I sure as heck aren't going to tell you about it. You have to find out for yourself. That's the only way you will truly enjoy and learn from "Evangelion": experiencing it for yourself.

Be warned should have already gathered this much information from "In Defense of a Vision" and if you haven't been there because you haven't seen the series yet, I'll tell you right here and now:

If you don't like to think, "Neon Genesis Evangelion" isn't your cup o' tea. So be prepared to think as well as enjoy it. There is a lot to this anime. That is what makes it so darn wonderful to me. That is why it's my favorite. That won't change any time soon.

Speaking of tea...if you'd like to, you could drop me a line and we could talk about it over a nice cup of tea, whether you've seen it or you plan to see it. That would be cool. Ummm just remember that if you haven't seen it you won't get too much out of me other than what you'll see on this site. Sorry! ^_^

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