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The Angels.

Here, you'll find a little info on the Angels.
You are listening to "Angel Attack."

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The Sixteenth Angel The Seventeenth Angel

Angels are highly mysterious creatures that appear in a variety of forms. They posess an A.T. Field, a powerfull forcefield that cannot be affected by conventional weaponry. Their source of power seems to be a red core that is placed somewhere on their bodies. An intriguing fact is uncovered in the fifth episode...

The First Angel

This is the Angel that was discovered in the Antarctic. The reason Adam exploded was that the expedition that went to the Antarctic tried to shrink him into an embryo and failed. Adam had the ability to generated incredibly destructive heat energy. Heck, why do you think the Polar Caps melted when he blew up? The Evangelion series are engineered from Adam's remains.

The Second Angel

The Second Angel and it's identity are never discussed so it is pretty much a mystery. It is very possible that the Second Angel may be Lilith, the giant creature that is imprisoned in Terminal Dogma, underneath NERV Headquarters. On her face are a triangle and seven eyes, the logo of SEELE. Her blood is used to make LCL. In the series, her identity and Adam's identity are mixed up. Lilith is known as "The mother of all life."

"The Angels are back!" Yep, this is the first Angel to reappear in 2015. Sachiel has laser spears in it's forearms and it can increase the size of it's arm muscles to maximize the damage he can do. After being attacked by an N2 mine, it evolves itself by growing another head. This adds to Sachiel's destructive ability.

The Fourth Angel

Shamshel kind of reminds me of a squid. Unlike Sachiel, it can float in the air. It's weapon is a pair of laser whips that'll cut through anything way quicker than a hot knife through butter.

The Fifth Angel

Ramiel has the shape of two pyramids joined at the base and is semi-transparent. Ramiel posesses the strongest A.T. field and an extremely powerful particle accelerator cannon. In addition, it posesses a large drill with which it tries to penetrate into NERV Headquarters in the geofront. Ramiel doesn't have a visible red core. Instead, it lies within it.

The Sixth Angel

Gaghiel appears underwater and has a form very close to a fish. Despite it's massive size, he can move very fast. This Angel's only weapon is it's razor sharp teeth. It's core is located deep in it's mouth. Gaghiel appears when Unit 02 is being transported to NERV Headquarters by ship.

The Seventh Angel

Israfel is unique because it has two cores. This is because it can split into two identical halves. The functions of both these cores, however, are different and only one of them prove to be it's weakness.

The Eighth Angel

Sandalphon is discovered as an embryo insided a dormant volcano. Thus, it is able to survive the extreme temperature and pressure of the magma. It suddenly matures into it's adult form when Asuka in Unit 02 attempts a recovery operation. The objective is then changed to the destruction of the Angel. Sandalphon is able to open it's mouth in the magma and has very strong jaws and arms.

The Ninth Angel

Matarael comes in the form of a giant, four-legged spider and has eyes all over it's body. It's weapon is the eye that is located directly on the underside of it's body. It secretes a strong acid that Matarael uses to try and penetrate into NERV Headquarters. That eye is also it's weak point and it doesn't take too much to defeat Matarael.

Sahaquiel is the largest angel yet. it appears above earth's orbit, just in space. It has many eyes, just like Matarael and is quite smart. It throws down parts of himself in an attempt to attack NERV headquarters and Tokyo-3. This is one example of it's new employment of the A.T. field. Soon, it drops itself onto Tokyo-3 and it takes the combined effort of all 3 Evangelions to defeat him.

The Eleventh Angel

Ireul is unique in that it comes in the form of a virus. it attacks NERV Headquarters directly from the inside. Ireul can evolve very quickly and manages to hack into the MAGI system. As a result, it almost manages to destroy NERV Headquarters.

The Twelfth Angel

Probably the most intriguing Angel. Leliel appears as a giant sphere with a large shadow. This shadow is known as a Sea of Dirac and is revealed to be 680 meters in diameter and 3 nanometers thick. A thin area of space is contained within the shadow and is sustained by an inverted A.T. field, the interior of which is an imaginary space. Actually, the Sea of Dirac is revealed to be the Angel itself while the sphere is it's shadow!

The Thirteenth Angel

Bardiel actually invaded the new Unit 03 during it's transportation to Japan by air. Bardiel seems to have been hiding in a cloud. Bardiel completely takes over Unit 03 during it's activation test at Matsushiro. A sticky substance is seen on Unit 03 after this happens. Bardiel changes the structure of Unit 03, elongating it's arms and using them as an effective weapon.

The Fourteenth Angel

Zeruel is probably the deadliest Angel. It actually penetrates NERV defenses and ends up in NERV Headquarters, face to face with the people there. Zeruel has quite a powerful weapon: It's arms are bands of metal foil that fold out and elongate to suit their purpose. They seem to be more powerful than Shamshels laser whips.

The Fifteenth Angel

Arael is the second Angel to base it's attack from space. It never comes down though. Arael resembles a bird and is brightly lit. This Angel prefers to attack the mind directly through a ray of visible light. As a result of this mind invasion, the victim goes through a great deal of suffering.

The Sixteenth Angel

Armisael first appears as a large halo. It then changes it's form into a large...umm...tentacle...uhh...headless snake...if you can picture that. To say anything else about Armisael would be revealing too much if you haven't seen the series already.

I'm afraid the "if you know it, you know it...if not, go see it" rule applies here! Sorry!!

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