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Some real helpful  "T i p s"  for best viewing ....
   If you so choose to view any or all of the jokes and humor sites listed here please be alerted that the mathematical possibility exists there may be a couple of passages tucked away in the folds that could very well offend certain individuals living or deceased.   Obviously, you are not one of those individuals because you are searching around in a humor site probably looking for something funny and don't really offend easily.   The only person that would be searching around here would of course be one completely deprived of humor and funny stuff.   People who detest being humored and do not like funny stuff will not be viewing this site right now.   They are sitting in a fully extended recliner wondering what is going to itch next and also worrying about being offended.   This humor site is not intended to offend anyone as it exists here solely for exploration into some funny stuff.   If you are still here after reading this and still have a problem with exploring funny stuff then please just go away.   If you go away then you won't be offended.   If you get offended then you won't go away.   If you enjoy the exciting anticipation that you may indeed be offended then please do so without repeated interruption, hesitation or restraint.   Some material posted here has unknown authors deceased and living or at least authors unknown to me as deceased or living.   They were submitted to me by people who wanted to contribute to this funny collection or by people deceased or living.   Anyway - ENJOY ! ...