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My Hanson Enounter

Well, after the concert everyone ran back by the loading for all the concert equipment to get a glimpse of Hanson. Well, the security people told us that Hanson left as soon as they went off-stage and no one was believeing them. Well, then my mom saw one of her friends who is a cop and she asked him if they had really left. And he was like "Yeah, as soon as they came off the stage I escorted them, I've been assinged as one of their escorts." so me and my friend Jess (Who went with me) were like "oh" and all depresed because we wouldn't get to see them. We were getting BS passes from a friend of ours but she had ride problems and didn't get there in time so that already had us a little down. So we told him our story about that and he took us to the side away from all the other girls and said "If you are really quiet I can take you over to their hotel and you can meet them." Lemme tell you, that was soooo hard not to scream but we promiced we wouldn't cause then he wouldn't take us. So he escorted us over to the hotel and it was a VERY close walking distance from the arena so we walked over there and he told us to wait outside and he would go see what he could do. Well, by that time it sunk in what was happening and Jess and I started crying hystaricly. Then, he came back out and said to come inside and sit on this couch in the lobby. Well, it seemed like forever but my mom said it was only about 5 minutes and we saw Hanson step off the elevator. We about fainted. We strugled to get up and when we did we shook their hands. My mom's friend goes "Girls, meet Isaac, Taylor, and Zac." and he pointed to each of them. I shook Ike's, then Zac's then Tay's. So then Tay asked us if we had a good time at the show and we were like "Yeah!! It was awesome" and me, once I get started talking I NEVER shut up and I was like "We have waited for 2 years for this and this is not only our first concert for you guys but our first concert." and they were like "thats kewl that you have been fans the whole time." And then Zac was like "We are gonna go get something to eat, would you like to come?" and we pratcially screamed "YEAH!!!!" and then we went with them and my mom stayed and talked to her friend and Mrs. Hanson.(My mom has wanted to meet her has bad as me and Jess have wanted to meet Hanson) So we went and they got ice cream but me and Jess just sat there and stared. (oops!!) Then they were like bouncing off the walls at it was like 11pm and they were REALLY HYPER after doing a loooooooong show. So then we talked about all kinda stuff till like midnight. Then they decided they wanted to go swimming...sooo, they did. (Don't freek on me, they wore denim shorts and dark big deal) Me and Jess just kinda sat there and watched them act like nuts. Then Walker came out and said "common boys, time to come in" and Tay got out and goes "Oh the famous quote to get us in and tried to get settled down so we can go to sleep by 4am" and my friend goes "You guys stay up that late every night??" and Zac goes "Well, I do, its good for you!!!" and Jess was just like "uh yeah" and I just laughed. Then my mom was like "Girls, its 1am and we need to go, you have school tomorrow." and Zac goes "aww bummer, school." So then we kinda gave them all a hug and then they were like "where are you guys parked?" and we were like "we are still at the arena, we walked here." and so Tay, being the kind gentleman that he is, offered to walk us to our car and my mom was like "Oh Tay that isn't necessary." and he was like "no its okay." and then he goes "dad is it ok?" Walker was like "I dunno if that is a good idea." and Ike goes "Common dad, we are big boys, pleeeeaseeee." And then Walker told them yes just to be carful. Then they walked us back to our car and they signed our shirts, ticket stubs, signs on my mom's car, our posters, everything. Then we gave them our E-Mail address so that we could keep in touch. Then, Ike was like "great, we had a good time, this is the first time we have been able to have a good, normal time with fans." and me and Jess just kinda smiled. Then we gave them a hug again and my mom said "Thank you boys for making their one dream come true." and they were like "oh its not problem" and then some girls realized it was them and Zac goes "uh oh, we have a problem." and then Tay was like "We gotta RUN, bye guys." and they waved and took off. Then we hurried and got in the car and drove away FAST cause the girls were after us!! I know this sounds kinda hard to believe but its all 100% true. I swear on my life. I have pics to prove it but no scanner yet, when I get one I will send it to you for your webby. But, I swear on Hanson's life its true. This was my one dream in life and it has come true.