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Updated May 2nd..

In an interview of the boys in the U.S., they were all asked if they had girlfriends and they said no. But then a reporter jumped in and said "oh Nick, what about Sarah that everyone's been asking about?" Then Nick answered nervously "Sarah and I have known each other for years shes one of the friends I hang out with outside the group.. shes a friend but at the same time yes I am seeing her..enough said thanks you!!

Updated May 12th..

Brian had his surgery last Monday and he came through with flying colors. His parents had informed that he'll be staying in an undisclosed location.

Brian has set up a charity to help kids with the same heart problem as him. (what a sweetie!) He's going to donate all the cards, flowers and other gifts that he's gotten from his loyal fans to it. If you would like to help out, please send donations to this address:
Brian Littrell Endowment Fund for Pediatric Cardiology
St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation
P.O. Box 8490
Lexington, Ky. 40533

The Backstreet Boys' new album was schedualed to come out this year in October but it has been changed to sometime in the beginning of 1999.

The Boys will be on your Fave Saturday morning cartoons on the WB Saturday May 22.. Click here to see more about it!

Updated June 2nd..

I have so much news to post today, I've been slacking off way too much! :o)
Today the Backstreet Boys All Access video is out in stores. A few people have E-mailed and said that the best and cheapest place to find it is at the nearest Best Buy. I would like to know what you think about it so please send you comments to me with in the next few weeks or so, I'll try to post them so people can get an overall view of what other people think.

Okay I broke down and went to Best Buy, My personal views on the video is that it KICKS BOOOTY! If you haven't got'n it yet get your butt outta that chair and go snag a copy for your slef. They are only $12.99 at Best Buy that is the Cheapest place to get them right now, I called around.. For those of you who got the Video, drop me some mail and tell me what you thought! :o)

For those of you whom watched the WMAs last week, I would like to hear what you have to say about what it was like to see the Boys with out Brian. Also any other comments on the show would be great!

This really isn't related to the Boys but Tuesday last week there was a Transcon Show case here in Orlando at the House of Blues. My friend Ashley had a pretty cool experince there and wrote about it, you can read about it, Showcase

On Sat. May 30th the boys did the Boston Kiss Party, yes with out B-Rok.. I got a bunch of E-mails about this one from people that went to the show and said it was very strange not seeing Brian up there jumping around..Don't worry you guys he'll be jumping back in to your heart in no time! :o) I also recived a few E-mails from some angry PPV watchers, apperently they spen $20 in hopes of seeing the Boys to only be disapointed when they never showed them. I can not do anything about this, you need to call your cable company and yell at them! lol I had nothing todo with it! Heck i didn't even know it was on PPV!

June 5th...
Howie D, is in Latin America for a week or two, and some of the stuff he has done while he has been over there,Howie went to Brazil on June 1.

Howie arrived at Sao Paolo on June 1, did an interview with MTV Top 20 and visited an evening programm called "Programa Livre" on June 2. He also did an interview for the magazine ReviSta Atrevida.
On Wednesday June 3, Howie went to the radio station Rádio Jovem Pan, plus visited another show : Programa H.
Yesterday he travelled to Rio de Janeiro where he did more interviews for the press. Today, Howie will come back to San Paulo, and he'll be interviewed again by Domingo Legal. After that he'll return to the US.

Some of you may already have heard this, Nick got a new hair cut. It's alot shorter than I've seen it in the past but, Ithink it looks good. NO, people it's not a buzz cut, I dont know who the heck started that rumor! Geesh people.!

Updated Sept 4th
Sorry I haven't updated in over a month but I've been really busy. I do have alot of new BSB NEWS to add to this but I am currently switching severs and will not update this page till around the 16th.. I'm very Sorry..
That's it for now! :)