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JULY 18,2000
OMG I updated! Can you Belive it?? I swore I wasnt going to but Ive had a few hits in the past months so I thought what the heck.. The pictures are all down till I get some new ones everything else is kosher. Check out my friends sites. And tell your friends about mine.Go ahead and check my other sites out. Anything I like I make a site about pretty much. (cool links) . Sign my Guestbook.. Sorry about the photos in it I've already given my 2cents to Angelfire about it.. :) Also, You may come across my very first page Nick world if you click the link that says back on the video pictures screen! Sorry about that one I can't fix that!
Have a kick ghetto fab time! Abby @MadPhat Pages©
VH1's Men Strike Back webpage! (SEE STING AND BSB SING I WANT IT THAT WAY)- Need Window Media PLAYER


Willa Ford.. AKA Amanda Willaford or Mandy, Nick Carters long time girlfriend. She was to release an album this year but due to the many many anti-Willa sites and the pouring in of letters and such(not to mention the lack of talent) She has been DROPPED from MCA records. She was also to be on the All-That tour and also pulled out of it. She is doing a tour with a clothing line back to school fashion show. She is at this point making back the money the record company lost on her album. Looks like all that hard work NICK put in to getting her signed was in vain! Any questions about this Email me at

Teen People is having a "Song of the Summer" poll. Vote for "The One" here: top 10 summer songs. The Backstreet Boys are at #4 right now.

Howie A Backstreet Alien Roswell" already the scene of the alien life forms, may be adding another otherworldly presence come fall------a Backstreet Boy. Howie Dorough, aka Howie D. of the teen fave group tells this just in that his barely seen alien leader character from the WB series' season finale may become a recurring role. "I was at the very end, with a one-liner. My hand actually got more attention then my line," he reminds. "I picked up a little electronic box and said, A new life form has begun.'" He's in talks with the series to do more shows, and says he wants to, "depending on the Backstreet Boys schedule."

In reference to the offical book, you can order it through which is a Canadian bookstore. I pre-ordered mine from there and it arrived last Wednesday. The book is $16.06 so with shipping and GST it will bearound $20.

It's Combat Zone Weekend on Muchmusic. Backstreet Boys are in the lineup and have already beaten out Metallica. They are up against either Eminem or N Sync for the next round. Log on to the Muchmusic Website for more info! Vote now!

--------------------------07.15.00-------------------------- Elton and The Backstreet Boys delight 100,000 rain-soaked fans!
Where The Backstreet Boys Are [Full Story] Nick's official book pictures are up on the official site right now. For the official books, it's not really released in Canada yet. right now you can order online and it's not in stores yet until the end of july to early june. if you don't want to order it online, you can go to your nearest bookstore and reserve it until it comes, then they will call you. Go to a cd store that sells imported cds (i.e.Virgin Megastore and HMV) to get "The One" single. Some stores might be nice enough to order it in for you.

On last night's Making The Band, O-Town performed at Southwest Middle School. One of the band members, Trevor, said that this school was the same school Lou Pearlman brought BSB to for their first performance!

--------------------------07.13.00-------------------------- surveuy Asks Teenagers What They Want to Know From Their Favorite Pop Stars. 71% of teen girls asking TLC a question asked if they think their success has inspired other current female bands while 62% of teen boys wanted to know if the Backstreet Boys consider themselves `leaders' or 'role models' for today's boy bands.

This is from Denise (AJ's mom): is our site and we just started it for JNN aka AJ. The (telephone) number has been giving us problems so we are taking it down fornow until AJ comes back from recording in Europe and can update it himself.

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"The One" performance on Men strike Back!
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Elton John and BSB
Friends Never Say Goodbye
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Video: Bucs Vs. Boys Basketball Game
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The Backstreet Project

None of the following links works right now sorry! Bucs Vs Boys Basketball Game
The Juno Awards
Nick's Charity Auction Check Presentation

Send us your concert Reviews.. I've been to 10 shows or so, but just haven't typed up any reviews yet I'm to damn lazy what can I say!
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