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Kevin Richardson

Name : Kevin Richardson
Nicknames : Kev , Kevy-Kev , Train , Mr Body Beautiful
Birthdate : October 3rd 1973
Birthplace : Lexington Kentucky , USA
Place of residence : Orlando Florida , USA
Height : 6'
Hair Color : Black/Dark Brown
Eye Color : Green
Family : Mother , Father(he passed away in 1991) , brothers Jerald(31) and Tim(28)
Musical Instruments : Piano(Keyboard)
Favorite Color : Royal Blue
Favorite Food : Any kind of food
Hobbies : Playing on the piano , writting songs , fitness , dancing
Sports : Riding Horses , Rugby and football

Tall , dark and gorgeous , green-eyes Kevin had an ideal childhood! Kevin spent his early years on a 10-acre farm ,and next eight in a log cabin on the campgrounds his father opened to teens and preteens each and every summer . He went to school , played Little League Football , rode horses and dirtbikes , and sang into a hairbrush in front of his bedroom mirror . He was very happy , loved music , and had a slew of built-in friends at school(he was in chorus and drama club) and at the campgrounds ! Also from Kentucky , Kevin would often visit his cousin Brian , and singing and dancing to the R&B hits they went on into the night . When Kevin's not working with BSB , you can find him lifting weights(each and every morning), playing keyboards and writting songs ,dancing , shooting hoops , or playing football . At 25 , Kevin is the oldest member of BSB, and such often finds himself sought out by others for a little brotherly advice!