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Everybody Makes Mistakes

Everybody Makes Mistakes

This page is to point out a few of the mistakes made in the "Everybody (Backstreet's Back!)" music video. It is not to insult the song or the video, as I like both of them a lot. But there just happens to be a couple of noticeable mistakes, so I decided, hey, why not make a page about them? So here it is...

1. Brian is sitting on the floor looking confused, when the others are doing the leg lift thing

2. Nick just about falls sideways when he's sitting down, you can see his hand hit the floor.

3. Girl in the gold skirt behind Howie and Nick can't get up properly, she's standing on her skirt.

4. The girl in the black behind A.J. in the "throw your hands up verse is out of sync.

5. One frame Kevin's arm is up, the next it is down.

6. The girl to Howie's left misses a step and falls behind everyone else.

7. One frame the people in the back are facing the front, the next they are turned in diffrent directions.

8. Girl behind A.J. (in the brown skirt) does the small jump after everyone else.

9. Howie's out of sync at one moment when they do the pull forward thing.

10. Girl in gold is out of sync with her arms during the leg lift, she does the same move twice (you have to look really close to see it but,) they've replayed the frame.

11. Kevin misses a step, puts his foot in the wrong place for a micro second and then continues dancing.

12. One frame Nick is in front of the girl in the Gold Skirt, then he's behind her. This happens alot.

13. Howie's turned at a diffrent angle then everyone else during the standing part after "Backstreet's Back Alright!"

14. Nick will be a foot away from Howie at one frame and then the next, he's way off to the side.