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Welcome to the Contest Center.
In Honor of our 2nd year we are going to be holding a number of diffrent site-fights for you to enter your site in...Click the banner below to go to the sitefights adn awards pages....

Feel free to register a friend site for that. There is more information on that link.

There will be a fill out contest once every week some times every two weeks.
The prize will be based on how hard the questions are.
So bust out your Backstreet Boys scrapbooks and here we go.....
Rules for the fill out Contest.... Only enter once. All entries must be in my Mailbox
by Sunday at 2pm Do not enter twice under diffrent SN. All ten questions must be answered to quilify. Address the mail to Contest and the # of that weeks contest! Have fun....
Have an Idea for a contest let me know!
Now go enter the contest already would ya!