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#1 Prize Real Audio of something (I havent decided yet) !!.

[Oh, that's a hard one!]

This Weeks is a lil hard, but the prize kicks booty!

There will be a contest once every week some times every two weeks. The prize will be based on how hard the questions are. So bust out your Backstreet Boys scrap books and here we go.....

Okay that's it for this week, The winner will be announced the monday after next. Don't forget to check out our Weekly Poll.


This will send your answers directly to me!

What's your name?

Your e-mail address?

With all band members brothers and sisters combined. How many siblings are there?




Name three Magizines the Boys have been one the cover of this past 6 months. (Other then BB, Bop or TigerBeat)

Teen People


Teen Machine


Entertainment Weekly

Who is Huston?

Nick's favorite city.

Nick's dog his bought for g/f.

Nick's Long lost cousin.

Who recently passed away that AJ admired so much he is thinking of doing a song on the next BSB album in tribute to him?

Name all the siblings from Number One.

What are the boys middle names (list from oldest to youngest)

Gimmie ONE verse from the new single "I'll Never Break Your Heart".

What did Aj and Brian Confess to on "Regis and Kathylee"?.

What color are the boys eyes (list youngest to oldest)?.

I want to see if you know ALL on AJ's rap in "Get Down" So type it out.