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Hey Guys..Most of you are prob like what the heck is a blurb? well for I guess over a year my best friend April has been coming up with cool lil blurbs with bsb songs in it tring to out do how many she has in each one. well I was sitting here tonight and I made up one of my own and I belive I have out done her in numbers of bsb only songs in one blurb, lol It's pretty cool anyways if anyone wants to make one up to I'll put it on my page, lol All of our cool Ideas will have a lil © so people know its hands off yo! lol Well Tell me what you think of my lil thing, the songs are all underlined and stuff...Ps. there 27 total bsb songs in this.
Love AJ

AJ's Blurb Everybody I see Heaven in your eyes©

, Tell me that I'm dreaming, cuz If I don't have you, it would cause one last cry. Everytime I close my eyes, I am Set adrift on memories bliss of your 10,000 Promises to give me your heart and to never let me start Missing you.
Darlin',Let's make a toast to our love ,becuz There's Nobody but you and I'll never break your heart. You know I'd go anywhere for you. I wanna be with you so tell me where can we go from here. I'd do anything Just to be close to you. I'll never find someone like you becuz boyz will be boyz or at least thats what she said. So baby let the music heal your soul and quit playing games with my heart. becuz its time to get down , as long as you love me I'll know we've got it going on so let's have a party becuz I see Hevean in your eyes.

The Perfect Fan~ By Mandie.
Oh, No One Else Comes Close to you guys, you really are Larger Than Life. Howie, I love to look into your Spanish Eyes, I could do it all day! Nick, baby, I Need You Tonight, not the other way around. Brian, you're The One I admire, you've survived through thick and thin. Kevin, with a voice like that, and romantic tendencies, surely You Wrote The Book On Love... Honestly AJ, It's Gotta Be You I love the best, but I want all of you to know I'll Be There For You always. Why do I love you guys? Cuz I Want It That Way and no other! If you ever left me or stopped making music you'd have to Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely; and tell me how to find a way Back To Your Hearts cuz I Dont Wanna Loose You Now! Even though some people boo and say, "Dont Want You Back" and other rude things, I want you to know I will always stand tall and follow your careers in my quest to be the Perfect Fan!