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The MILLENIUM has come early! May 18th to be exact actually. Were you ready for it?!
Since MILLENIUM is a new album I figured that I should work on a new site or at least a new format or something along those lines. So until the second week of August Floridaboyz© will be CLOSED! Ahh, can you belive it! but have no fear we'll be back.
Lately my page has been down here and there and in some places completely. All of this has taken place so that I may re-vamp everything to fit it to the theme of MILLENIUM.
I will be moving pictures and sounds around from time to time tring to get them all put away in a diffrent Web site so I have room for all the new ones that are certian to come out as soon as the boys start their tour.
Also to go along with the theme we are going to have a few diffrent awards set up. Keep in mind that I my self work on this page alone and so things do take a bit of time to get completely set up.
I'm Going to be taken a few College classes over the Net this next term which should prove to be wonderful for this site or any I do in the future for that matter.
Also Don't forget to go get your copy of the Boys homecoming video. I went to the show and it was great.

It's also coming on Fox Family about three or four times a week. Check your local listings.
I would like to welcome you all to check out a few sites that you other wise might not go to, or that happen to be sites from friends of mine or even part of the MadPhatDanish Alliance.
The InnerNOT
MadPhatDanish Alliance
LickAble Justin Timberlake
Mulberry Lane
Milk - it's on everybody's lips!
United Artists Theatres Home Page
While I was typing that up I have decided that I'm going to do a list of odd links to visit in your spare time to the update section every month. When the month is over I'll move them to the cool links area so you will have them to go back to again.
Thats the basic updates for now but remember always keep checking back you NEVER know what I'm up to.
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