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WEBMASTERS NOTE: Hey Guys. I recently was at my local Radio Stations website XL 106.7. On it I found a link to a concert that they were putting on the 3rd of July 1999. When I reached the playlist for the concert I saw a name that I did not recognize, Kimberly Thach. I quickly clicked the link to go to her web site and found an incredible story about a young girl with a special wish, who since the age of four has been battling Leukemia.
The Volunteer Wish Grantors: Trish Buchanan, Camille & John Halverson, & Tony Ward at the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a foundation I'm a strong supporter of, took Kimberly's Dream of being a famous singer and made it her reality and they are to be commended, Along with the great amounts of support from others and there donations in make this wish possable.
At Kim's Site I had entered a contest for winning one of her CD Autographed and I WON! I received the CD just this morning and I can't stop listen to it. The songs are so moving and her voice is of a small angel.
Congratulations Kim!
Please Take the time to read her official story here. And visit her website for more bout Kim. If you would like to help support her and the make a wish foundation please read on.
If you're interested in getting your hands on one of Kim's CDs, they are not for sale right now in stores. But there is one way you can get on this month only. Kim has donated a bunch of her CDs to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to encourage people to make donations. A free Kim CD will be given to anyone who makes a $15 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central Florida. There is only a couple hundred set aside for this purpose. So it's best to call or send a check right away. You can send a check for $15 made out to the Make-A-Wish
Foundation. The check should then be sent to "World Of Wishes Entertainment" c/o 5404 Stratemeyer Dr., Orlando, FL 32939. The CDs will then be delivered within two weeks. If you prefer to make a donation by phone, you can call the foundation directly at their toll free number 1-888-874-9474. Have your credit card ready, and simply tell the operator you'd like to make a $15 donation and receive your free Kimberly Thach "A Voice Of Hope" CD. They will handle the shipping charges. The receptionist's name is Sheryl, ask for her, but if she's not in, ask for anyone who can take a donation by phone.

I my self would like to give a special Thank you to Tony Ward for letting me make this small page about Kim.


Story couresy of the Offical Kimberly Thach Web Site. Kimberly Offical Site

When Kimberly Thach was just 4 years-old, she learned a lesson that would forever change her life. Now she wants to share it with anyone who will listen, in hopes that her message of hope will change the lives of others.

In January 1992, the Thach family received the devastating news that Kimberly had Leukemia, a form of cancer that lived in her blood. While it seemed like a nightmare, there wasn't any time to dwell on the shock and disbelief the family initially felt. Kimberly's life was being threatened and a series of immediate treatments was crucial if she was to have any chance of survival. So at the same time most of her friends were just entering kindergarten, Kimberly was entering the hospital for a completely different kind of an educational experience. While most kids her age were learning to read from children's books, Kimberly and her family were reading medical journals and magazines left in hospital waiting rooms and chapels.

Months passed by, and Kimberly's immune system was becoming dangerously low due to the treatments. It was critical that she stays away from any illness. Just when it seemed like the situation couldn't get any worse, Kimberly became infected with Chicken Pox. Kimberly's liver and the rest of her body were struggling to survive the attack. Fearing the worst, the doctors encouraged Kimberly's parents to gather her immediate family to the hospital. After weeks of hearing other family's cries of grief and hope for the lives of children in similar situations, it was now time for the Thach family to pray that Kimberly would survive.

Throughout the entire battle, there was one thing that always seemed to provide a glimpse of hope to everyone that came in contact with Kimberly, and that was Kimberly's amazing determination. While Doctor's spoke of what could happen to Kimberly, she spoke about what she was determined would happen. This tiny 4 year-old girl announced with a small yet distinct voice of authority that she would "Never give up"! While everyone else was focusing on getting through to the next day, Kimberly had her mind fixed on getting better and going home so she could play with her friends again and go to school like a normal kid. Fortunately for everyone involved, Kimberly's positivity and determination was just as infectious as the Chicken Pox that assisted the Leukemia in almost taking her life. After a few months of living in a hospital and battling for her life, Kimberly's hope claimed victory over her disease, and she was well enough to return home.

Seven years later, Kimberly's Leukemia is currently in remission. Still twice a year, the Thach family takes Kimberly to the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute for a test to ensure that the Leukemia hasn't returned. Each time, the family holds their breath until they hear the test results. Each time, Kimberly remembers the battle she fought and what an important role her attitude and determination played in her survival. While she won't be considered cured for two more years, the fact that she's been in remission for several years now provides Kimberly and her doctors with the hope that the Leukemia won't return. Still Kimberly is ready to fight that battle again if necessary, and she's confident that her belief in herself will enable her to prevail.

Like many children who face life-threatening illness, Kimberly heard about the Make-A-Wish Foundation through a friend and decided to call. Once her doctor acknowledged that her condition qualified Kimberly to receive a wish, Kimberly's mind went to work. Like most wish kids, Kimberly's mind began to spin with possibilities. At one point, Kimberly thought that maybe she could meet one of her heroes, Celine Dion, or perhaps go on a vacation with her family. But then Kimberly made a decision that she's hoping will change the rest of her life, and hopefully inspire the lives of many other people in similar situations. Kimberly wished to become a famous singer and to record a CD.

Over the course of the last couple of years, Kimberly discovered a deep love for singing. She sings at local talent shows, karaoke clubs, school events, and even benefits for charities such as the Leukemia Society and Make-A-Wish. Every chance she gets, she uses these performances to tell her personal story of how "never giving up on your dreams" is extremely important no matter how big or small your dream may be. She's a living example of how persistence, determination, and hope can be strong enough to overcome almost any obstacle, even life-threatening illness!

Kimberly's volunteer wish grantors have taken her wish very seriously, and have prepared Kimberly for a wish experience that she'll never forget. During the month of April, Kimberly is taking voice lessons, choreography lessons, and preparing to enter a professional recording studio where she will record a number of songs from local writers and producers that have developed the songs especially for Kimberly's wish. This summer, she will see the release of her very own CD entitled "A Voice of Hope". Kimberly has already had her own personal photo shoot for the CD cover. In addition, she will be representing Make-A-Wish at several upcoming events where she'll be singing songs from the CD.

The best part about Kimberly's wish is that it's a wish that you can personally participate in! Kimberly would like to extend a special invitation to each and every person who reads this story to come out and be part of her wish by listening to her sing throughout the remainder of 1999. Keep your eye on Kimberly's schedule of appearances for updates. We want Kimberly to feel like a celebrity, and need your help! So please take a look at Kimberly's schedule, and bring lots of friends to hear her sing! We'll be wrapping up Kimberly's wish with her CD release party sometime this summer. Keep your eyes on her website for the forthcoming date, time and location!