yup, they kick ass alright

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tHis iS mY RAMMS+EIN bi0gRapHy!!!!!

-:-The History of RAMMS+EIN-:-

Beginning of 1994:
Six kick ass musicians from Eastern-Germany (Berlin and Schwerin) form the band RAMMS+EIN. The groups former bands were :

Richard Kruspe
Born: June 24, 1967
(Guitar) - Orgasm death gimmick

Paul Landers
Born: December 9, 1964
(Guitar) - Feeling B.

Till Lindemann
Born: January 4, 1963
(Vocals) - First Arsch

Flake Lorenz
Born: November 6, 1966
(Keyboard) - Feeling B.

Oliver Riedel
Born: April 11, 1971
(Bass) - The Inchtabokatables

Christoph Schneider
Born: May 11, 1966
(Drums) - Die Firma

The initiator Richard Kruspe was followed by Christoph Schneider and Oliver Riedel. Paul Landers, Flake Lorenz and Till Lindemann then completed it all together.

Mid. 1994:
Beginning of the co-operation with the Pilgrim management: Emanuel Fialik. Beginning of 1995: They got a record-deal with Motor Music/Polygram, signed by Petra Husemann March 1995. The album "Herzeleid" is produced in the Polar-studio in Stockholm , co-operating with the swedish producer Jacob Hellner (who also produced the swedish Crossover-band "Clawfinger". 25. August 1995) Release of the first single "Du riechst so gut" / First as a limited, good-smelling digipack.

September 24, 1995
Release of the debut-album "Herzeleid". Beginning of the co-operation with the concert agent Henry von Fichtel for the agency "Blindfish"

October 14-31, 1995
RAMMS+EIN on tour with the German EBM-band "Project Pitchfork" (they did 15 concerts)

November 27-29, 1995
RAMMS+EIN support the swedish Crossover-band "Clawfinger" during their two concerts in Warsaw and Prague

December 2-22, 1995
RAMMS+EIN are on their first headliner-tour on Germany, again in co-operation with the "Blindfish"-agency (17 concerts)

January 2, 1996
The second single "Seemann" is released; the videoclip is produced in Hamburg by Lazlo Kadar

January 19-22, 1996
RAMMS+EIN support Clawfinger in Austria and in Switzerland (they performed 3 concerts)

January 23-30, 1996
RAMMS+EIN support "The Ramones" on their "Adios Amigos Tour" in Germany. First co-operation with concert-agent Scumek Sabottka for MCT.

Feb. 16,-March 30, 1996
RAMMS+EIN on tour in Germany, in co-operation with the "Blindfish"-agency (14 concerts); support: DJ KOM (Ger)

March 27, 1996
Live-gig during the MTV-show "Hanging out" in London

May 2, 1996
Showcase on the Polygram World Congress in Hongkong

May 29,-July 7, 1996
RAMMS+EIN on tour in Germany, in co-operation with the "Blindfish"-agency (21 concerts performed) / support: Farmer boys (Ger) and Mink Stole (Ger)

RAMMS+EIN on festivals:

July 19, 1996
6th Motorcycle Jamboree in Diesenthal (its near Berlin)

July 20, 1996
Stadtpark festival in Illmenau

August 18, 1996
Bizarre festival in Cologne

August 1996
The american cult-director David Lynch chooses two RAMMS+EIN-songs for his new movie "Lost highway": "Heirate mich" and "Rammstein"; the film started in the USA in autumn 1996, while at Europe it started in April 1997

September 27, 1996
100 years of RAMMS+EIN jubilee-concert in the Arena in Berlin/ Guests: Moby & Bobo and the Berlin Session Orchestra. Beginning of the cooperation with the painter and photograph Gottfried Hellwein (A) / he gives one of his original pictures for the stage set. For the light show, there is now Gert Hof, a director from Berlin, compulsory. Ceremonious foundation of the first official RAMMS+EIN Fan-Club.

Sept. 29,-Oct. 12, 1996
RAMMS+EIN on tour in Germany/Austria/Switzerland in co-operation with the "Blindfish"-agency / support: Secret Discovery (Ger) (13 concerts)

November 1996
The album "Sehnsucht" is produced in the Temple studios in Malta / producer is once again Jacob Hellner from Sweden.

January 14, 1997
The album enters the German salecharts for the fifth time! (HELL YEAH!!!!)

April 1, 1997
Release of the first single "Engel" from the coming album "Sehnsucht"; it enters the charts from rank zero to rank 12; the videoclip is produced in Hamburg by director Hannes Rossacher

May 6-25, 1997
RAMMS+EIN on a sold-out tour in Germany/Austria/Switzerland in co-operation with the agency MCT / support: Eskimos & Egypt (GB), 17 concerts performed.

May 17, 1997
Pinkpop-festival in Holland

May 20, 1997
"Herzeleid" got 14 on the charts

May 23, 1997
"Engel" reaches the state of gold! At the same time, the remix "Engel"-fan edition is released. It also contains the two unreleased collectors-items "Wilder Wein" and "Feuerr?der"

June 12, 1997
Hulsfred festival, Sweden

June 14, 1997
Wuhlrock Open-air, Berlin, Germany

June 19, 1997
La Locomotive, Paris, France

June 21, 1997
Hurricane Open-air, Scheesel, Germany

June 28, 1997
Waldrock-festival, Bergum, Holland

July 5, 1997
Full Force festival, Zwickau, Germany

July 12, 1997
Out in the green-festival, Switzerland

July 13, 1997
Underground festival, Wels, Austria

July 21, 1997
Release of the second single from the coning "Sehnsucht"- album: "Du hast"; the videoclip is produced in Berlin/ Brandenburg by director Phillip St?lzl

August 17, 1997
Bizarre-festival, Cologne, Germany

August 4, 1997
Both "Herzeleid" and "Engel" are awarded with gold, until then, both records have sold more than 450,000 copies

August 22, 1997
Lowland-festival, Dronten, Holland. The second album "Sehnsucht" is released having six different covers, each with a Helnwein-portrait of one of the Rammstein musicians; "Sehnsucht" chartentry to rank one of the album-charts. "Herzeleid" is in the top-twenty of the album-charts as well. In the single-charts, both "Engel" and "Du hast" can be found in the top-twenty. Even in the pre-sale, "Sehnsucht" reaches platinum state in Germany

August 23, 1997
Pukkelpop-festival, Hasselt, Belgium

August 30, 1997
Rock am See, Konstanz, Germany

September 3-6, 1997
Two gigs in the clubs "Bank" and "Batcave Downtown" during the music meeting of CMJ in New York

Sept. 24,-Oct. 23, 1997
Sold-out concert-halls during the autumn tour in Germany/Austria and Switzerland (average hall-capacity: 7000 people), in co-operation with with the agency MCT; support during the first part: Vitro, during the second part : KMFDM (in total, 23 concerts)

Nov. 15,-Nov. 21, 1997
RAMMS+EIN Europe-Tour (Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, England, Holland.)

November 21, 1997
Release of the "Kraftwerk"-coverversion "Das Modell", including the unreleased track "Kokain" and a Rammstein Computergame. Chart-entry from rank zero to rank five.

December 5-14, 1997
RAMMS+EIN US-tour as support of KMFDMc. (Austin, Tulsa, Denver, Salt Lake City, Palo Alto, Santa Ana, Las Vegas, Los Angeles)

July 31, 1998
RAMMS+EIN will be replacing Rob Zombie to tour with Korn, Limp Bizkit, Orgy, and Ice Cube on the Family Values tour which starts in September.

August 2, 1998
RAMMS+EIN released a video for the Stripped single. Itīs filmed in black and white, and it contains scenes from very old olympic games. Rumors are going around that RAMMS+EIN will start to make a new album after the tour.

August 5, 1998
RAMMS+EIN will be working with KoRn on a remix from their upcoming album, Follow The Leader. RAMMS+EIN also did mixes on the KoRn track "Good God" from the last album. (Could someone tell me which one RAMMS+EIN made) It is also expected that RAMMS+EIN will be joining KoRn and other "Family Values" artists onstage at the shows.

August 17, 1998
First announced tour dates for the USA "Family values" tour You can check the dates also from Official pagesor from KoRn's official homepage

First confirmed tour dates :

September 22, 1998:
War Memorial, Rochester

September 23, 1998:
Centrum, Boston

September 25, 1998:
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford

September 26, 1998:
Corestales Spectrum, Philadelphia

September 27, 1998:
CSU Pavillion, Cleveland

September 29, 1998:
Civic, Pitsbourgh

September 30, 1998:
The Palace, Detroit

October 2, 1998:
Mecca Areana, Milwaukee

October 3, 1998:
Rosemont, Chicago

October 4, 1998:
Target Center, Minneapolis

August 26, 1998
There will be some new songs in the new Album, like VETO and AFRIKA. But there will be also old songs like KOKAIN.