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Ww BaD aSS LiNX wW

A kICk aSS KoRn MaiLinG LiST, ALSo tHE SitE HAs KillER ShiT AbOUt theM

ThE DeFtOnEs wEb PaGE, EnOUgH SaiD

FeAR Is yOUr OnLY GOd!!!!!!!!!!!!

KIck aSS RaGE AGaiNsT tHE MaCHinE SitE

CoAL ChAMbeR RuLeS!!!!!

ThiS MaNS PAgE Is WhaT GOt mE InTO PanterA

yO, THiS iS mY BoyS PagE, CHeck It OUt

MY g00d Buddy SpecTRE'S nin PAgE

OffiCiAL /\/ I \/\ pAGe

ThIS is My BUddy DreWsky'S bANd PagE, YOuLL LikE THem IF yoU LikE HArd-COrE PunK

ThIS is My BUddy CLoWN'S paGe, a tRiBUTe t0 a GReaT BLaCK/DeATh meTaL baNd

fOr aLL yoU FaGGoTs tHaT NeveR heArD Of I C P, heRes tHeIr sItE

iF yoU lIkE SLAYER, youLL lIkE tHeSe gUys

SeEmAnN's Dark side


WaNt YouR LinK uP TheRe, SeND iT t0 mE:
Tea Cup Da CLoWN