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Welcome to the

Crystal Millenium

Hello, and welcome to the Crystal Millenium palace. The Princesses are off in the garden picking wildflowers right now, and the senshi are off in their rooms preparing for dinner, so I will be your guide. I am AngelSenshi of the moon. I am basically a guardian of all young ones here. Let me explain to you how I have come to be here. Back in the 30th century, Neo-Queen Serenity created Crystal Tokyo. Throughout the years, the humans wanted to say they had a planet of their own, just like the senshi princesses had theirs. Neo-Queen Serenity had no problems with this, because it was a request, not an order, and they were perfectly okay with her as their leader. They just wanted independence. So, she gladly gave it to them, and moved her kingdom to the moon, where she had lived before. She liked it on the moon, because it reminded her of home. It was her home. So, she had a new millenium, called the Crystal Millenium. And because of the wonderful thing called technology, I can have a website to tell you all about it. Of course, the past is important too. I'll just start at the beginning and work my way to the future..... I'm afraid I must go now. Tour the kingdom, talk to the royal family and the senshi. They'd be more than happy to tell you anything they know. But for know, I must be off. Goodbye, Goodluck, and I'll see you at dinner! ^_^

Where would you like to travel first?

Down the Royal Hall--You can probably find King Endymion & Prince Elios there playing poker in the study

To the library--You'll probably find Princess Ami there doing research on prophecies

How about the Royal Kitchen with Princess Makoto? She'll probably be cooking dinner...maybe you can help

Maybe you'd like to go to the Royal Garden and see Princess Chibi-Usa and her daughter, Princess Athena?

Or perhaps you'd like to fly to Venus to see Princess Minako's Palace?

I know! You want to go see Princess Rei in the stables, right?

If you want to know about her, see Neo-Queen Serenity in the ballroom...

If you're in the mood for games, go see the outer senshi; Uranus, Neptune, Saturn; in the game room.

Sailor Pluto is at the Gates of Time. She can tell you all about the past and future...

I am a part of many webrings...check 'em out! ^_^

Go and visit Princess Athena's Royal pets!

Please, e-mail the Princess Athena with questions or comments. She made the page, I'm just the guide.