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Joseph Curry (born 1715) Married Jane Walker in 1736. Both of Glasgow, Scotland Joseph and Jane (Walker) Curry had 6 sons and one daughter Joseph,William, John, Robert, Richard, Stephen and Hannah. Their eldest son was Joseph Curry Born in Glascow,Scotland in 1737.

They left Scotland to escape religous persecution from England. Joseph Curry married Rachel Weatherford Joseph and Rachel had 5 sons Joseph,Richard,Benjamin,Thomas,Howell Joseph and Rachel Weatherford Curry lived in Harbour Island,Bahamas near the time of their death. Joseph and Rachel's son Thomas Curry was born in St.Augustine,Florida Thomas Curry Married ? Weatherford from South Carolina. Thomas and ?Weatherford Curry married in St.Augustine. Thomas and ? Weatherford Curry had 3 sons and one daughter. Joseph Born in 1808, Richard, Martin and Sarah Ann, All of Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Bahamas The Eldest Son Joseph married Mary "Polly" Roberts Feb 6, 1828 in Eleuthera, Bahamas Joseph and Polly Curry had 4 sons and 2 daughters Joseph, Thomas Richard, William Augustus, John, Mary Ann and Susan Susan Curry married Alfred Barton Camplejohn Sr Alfred Barton Camplejohn Sr and Susan Curry Camplejohn had one son

Alfred Barton Camplejohn jr



Alfred Barton Camplejohn, Jr was born July 6, 1849 in Nassau, Bahamas

Alfred Barton Camplejohn Married Mary Rita Garcia in 1877 in Key West,Florida.

Mary Rita Garcia was born in Spain. She was a talented pianist.

Alfred Barton Camplejohn Died April 1917 Jax, Fl Mary Rita Garcia Camplejohn Died Dec.17,1920 Jax.Fl Both in Jacksonville, Fl in unmarked graves in The Evergreen Cemetery in the Marked Camplejohn Family Plot.

They settled in Jacksonville, Florida sometime near 1882.

They had 7 children.

Alfred Garcia Camplejohn Born 1879 Died 1881 Key West, Florida

Louisa Farina Camplejohn Born 1882 Died 1882 Jacksonville, Florida

May Roy Camplejohn Born May 23,1884 Jacksonville, Florida

Frank Herbert Camplejohn Born January 1, 1887 Died June 3, 1931 Evergreen Cemetary Jacksonville, Florida

Charles Thornton Camplejohn Born April 15, 1890 Jacksonville, Florida

George Percy Camplejohn Born December 25, 1893 Jacksonville, Florida

Edward Courtney Camplejohn Born April 22, 1897 Jacksonville, Florida


Frank Herbert Camplejohn Married Lillian Eugenia d'Au Vergne. Lillian was born May 4, 1890 in Waycross, Georgia. They married on June 6,1907. Jacksonville, Florida Frank Herbert Sr. & Lillian Camplejohn had 4 children Lillius Estelle Camplejohn Born Feb 1,1909 Died December 31,1913 Jacksonville, Florida Evergreen Cemetery Dorothy d'Au Vergne Camplejohn Born Aug 4,1912 Dorothy Married Joel Dean Hubbard of Union Springs, Al. Both Woodlawn Cemetary Jacksonville, Florida Frank Herbert Camplejohn,Jr Born Sept 25,1914 Died March 28,1988 Jacksonville,Florida Married Dorothy Eleanor Steele from Glen St. Mary, Florida Both Edgewood Cemetary in Steele Family Plot Betty Jane Camplejohn Born Nov 1923 Jacksonville, Florida Married Lewis Shields Frank Herbert Camplejohn Jr. Married Dorothy Eleanor Steele on June 29,1940. (see picture at top of page) They resided in Jacksonville, Florida. Herbert and Dorothy had two Children Frank Lee( Johnny) Camplejohn and Marilyn Steele Camplejohn

Frank Lee Camplejohn was Born January 10,1945 Died: March 16, 1978 Jacksonville, Florida Frank Lee Camplejohn Married Nancy Packard on June 12,1965, Jacksonville, Florida

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