Chansey's Pokemon Codes and Tricks

Chansey's Pokemon Codes

Our Chansey, Lucky, will be giving you the latest Pokemon codes and cheats you lucky cheaters you! He'll also give you a sort of rating system on handiness of the code, 5 (* * * * *) being the highest, and 1 (*) being the lowest.

Those rare Pokemon in the Safari Zone running away and starting to piss you off? Well, don't get so frustrated, cause we've got a solution! Here's an easy way to capture Safari Pokemon:
  • Make sure you have Pokemon with the skills Fly and Surf.
  • Also be sure that you have been to Cinnabar Island
  • Go to the Safari Zone and start a game.
  • Walk around until you run out of time and are sent back to the entrance.
  • Fly to Cinnabar Island
  • Surf up and down the right coast of the island. You should be half on land and half on water.
  • While surfing you should come across Pokemon from the Safari Zone. Battle and make them weak so you can capture them.
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Yes! You and a friend can have the same Pokemon at the same time! How glourious can this get? But beware, the one that you don't want copied will be erased from existence! But if you have no fear, here's the steps:
  • Make sure to have the Pokemon that you want to trade (let's call it A.)
  • Make sure to have an extra Pokemon (this one'll be B.) This will be the Pokemon that will disappear. Some good choices are Rattatas and Spearows.
  • Start the trade.
  • When the "Waiting" message appears, the trainer who gets A should turn his or her Game Boy off.
  • Now turn off the other Game Boy.
  • Turn on both units again.
  • If done correctly, you'll have two of the same Pokemon! But alas, B would have gone to another place...

You might want to test this out with Rattatas and Spearows first.
Chansey's Helpful Rating: * * * *
999,999 BUCKS!!
Short of cash to buy that desperately needed Hyper Ball? Need to buy some Potions and Revives but only have two bucks? Well don't ask me any more! I got a trick where you can get over 999,999 green backs into your pocket!
It is called the item warper.
  • Make sure you have a Pokemon that can Surf.
  • Go to Cinnabar Island, go inside the Pokemon lab, and trade with one of the guys there.
  • Then move a nugget or expensive TM near the top of you item list.
  • Then surf up and down the right side of the island, where it looks like you are half on land and half on the water and hold down "a".
  • In a couple seconds you will run into missingno. There are a lot of him so don't worry if you kill him. he has really high attack but defense is HORRIBLE. Catch at least one of him.
  • Then look at your items. There will be a little symbol in front of a nine where the number is for that one item.
  • Then go to the Pokemart and choose to sell.
  • Sell that item with the symbol, but press down on the directional pad when he asks you how many you want to sell.
  • Sell it and you have thousands of bucks!!!!
Chansey's Helpful Rating: * * *
99 of Any Item
What's the point in wasting all that time to get money to buy stuff when you could just simply duplicate it for free?! Through duplication, you don't have to go through the hassle of running out of money, buying expensive stuff, and having to use the 999,999 bucks code again.
  • Make sure you have Pokemon who can Fly and Surf.
  • Fly to Viridian City and talk to the old guy who shows you how to catch a Pokemon near the entrance to Viridian Forest. When he asks if you're in a hurry, respond no, then watch him catch a Weedle.
  • After he shows you how, take the item you want to duplicate and make it the 6th item from the top on your list.
  • Now fly to Fushia City.
  • Use Surf and Surf to the coast of Seafoam. DO NOT GET OFF.
  • Now surf on the coast off Seafoam until you fight a pokemon called M'. It looks like a missigno. Now after you defeat him or run (DO NOT CAPTURE), look at your 6th item. u should have 99!

NOTE: if you keep swimming along Seafoam, you can run into level 135 Starmies!!
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Phantom PC
This really isn't a code. It's really some sorta glitch. Kinda useless in itself, but it is interesting to check out.
  • Go to Celadon City and make your way to the motel.
  • Go to the far right wall and make Ash look north and that he's in the middle square. Just like you would normaly be in a Pokemon Center looking at a PC.
  • Press A and What's this? OHMYGOSH!!!! a Ghost computer!!
Chansey's Helpful Rating: *
Missing No.
Many of you wanted to know where and how to get that famous glitch Pokemon, Missing No. And now we'll tell you. But please take note that you must be careful with it, for it can really screw up your Pokemon League computer.
  • Make sure you have a Pokemon that can Surf.
  • Go to Cinnabar Island.
  • Enter the Pokemon lab.
  • Trade with one of the people in there.
  • Then exit the lab and go to rightmost part of the island, and start Surfing up and down the coast line so that it looks like your Pokemon is on half land, half water.
  • Keep going up and down until you encounter a wild Pokemon. The screen will freeze black for about 5 to 10 seconds. Then you will be fighting a scrambled square shaped thingy, that is Missingno. DO NOT send out your strongest Pokemon to catch it! You will most likely make it faint in one hit because it's defense totally stinks. Send out your weakest Pokemon and use a medium powerful attack.
  • After catching him, save the game and turn it off. Turn it back on and then you can use him! You follow the directions exactly otherwise you won't catch him.
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