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Ben Folds Five
From left to right: Darren Jessee, Ben Folds, Robert Sledge.

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Hey. Thanks for visiting our page, devoted to this Chapel Hill, piano-based, trio, Ben Folds Five. Yes, you heard us right, Ben Folds Five are a trio with Ben Folds on piano, Darren Jessee on drums, and Robert Sledge on bass. In our eyes, they are one of the best bands today. What makes them so signifigant compared to all the others? They know how to put a twist and a unique sound to their music by eliminating the "ordinary" guitar and substituting it with a baby grand piano. Ben Folds Five can capture every feeling in their music. They captivate you with their catchy tunes and then you won't part with their albums for anything.

From 1994, this Chapel Hill band have released 3 albums with worldwide success; their Self Titled, Whatever And Ever Amen, and Naked Baby Photos; a collection of b-sides, songs cut from the 1st album, and unreleased tracks.

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