Atlanta Concert '98 Review

The Tabernacle

June 14th,1998

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The Atlanta concert was a great experience, and it got me thinking how they could put on such a satisfying show at all their other concerts also. All their energy amazed me. Anyways, after driving over 6 hours and standing in line for almost 2, I was so eager to see them for my first time. While standing in line I happened to notice Ben, his Australian girlfriend, Frally, and, I think, Chuck's girlfriend, walking over to the back door.

Each step closer to the doors of the Tabernacle made me more excited to see them perform live. After walking in, I realized how small the theatre was, which in fact was great. The acoustics always sound better in smaller places. After I picked up a 'whatever t-shirt' and I was shocked to see how few people were standing near the stage. Of course, I booked over there, and was fortunate enough to get in the second line in front of the stage.

As the night went on and the theatre filled up, Snuzz came out. (Couldnít help but notice Ben and his Australian girlfriend sitting up in the balcony in the far corner during this.Ö.) Snuzz, which featured Benís bro, Chuck, on bass, had a very unique style, and let me add in, very cool. Along with others in the crowd, Chuck was sporting one of those 88 cent stickers, that was apparently thrown up on stage. I also happened to get their cd after the show, from Chuck himself.

After Snuzz and after quite enough sound checks it was time for Ben Folds Five. Everyone was in anticipation for their opening song.

We were pretty satisfied with where we were standing, considering we had a perfect view of Darren and Robert. Anyways, they opened up with "Fair", which surprised me(since I was expecting that sweet instrumental tune, Pyser), followed by "Battle..". I couldn't help but try to think what they're going to do at this particular concert. Ben is also known for a lot interaction with the crowd. He occasionally talked to the crowd after each song; explaining the origins, etc.., but not as much as usual. That's okay, the mic sucked anyways. I did catch a few things, though. Before they played "Air" Ben explained how it was recorded in this city, Atlanta. Also, I think, before "Steven's Last Night In Town", when he came over to the front mic, to play his melodica, he said something in the form of the room being a 'bad ass room' because of the painted walls..

I don't know if they were just 'on' that night, or they always play like this, but I was blown away how great they were live. The play list is as followed:(So...maybe not in EXACT order!)

The Last Polka
Selfless Cold & Composed
Steven's Last Night In Town
Alice Childress
She Don't Use Jelly
One Angry Dwarf
Song For The Dumped


Uncle Walter

Obviously that play list is good enough to make anyone jealous..well, except the people who attended. What sucked was they skipped the intro to "Underground". "The Last Polka" is one of my fav songs off of s/t. I was thrilled when I heard it! The crowd really got into it.. But of course, "Evaporated" was one of the highlights of the show, suprised me that they played it.

Like the set list says, Ben Folds Five came back out for an encore, "Boxing" and "Uncle Walter".(along with Rob's cig in between his guitar strings). From the crowd swaying back and forth during "Boxing" and the high pumping adrenaline during "Uncle Walter", I didn't want to see them leave the stage!

So, like many adoring fans would, I stayed after for autographs and stuff. When Ben came out people were all around him; not leaving him room to breathe. Well, I ended up getting a picture with him and his autograph on my 'whatever t-shirt'; which caused me to order a new one from the official site. Well, the show kicked and I couldn't have asked for anymore that night..well maybe a few more brain cells to tell me to wait for Darren and Robert! One comment, though, come to Florida!


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