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Name:Billie Joe Armstrong
Birthdate: 2-17-72
Marital Status: married to Adrienne Nesser
Kids: 2 , Joey their first born and Jacob their new baby

Name:Mike Dirnt (really Pritchard)
Marital Status: divorced
Kids:1, Estelle

Name:Frank Edwin Wright III
Birthdate: 12-9-72
Marital Status:divorced
Kids: 1, Ramona


[April.7]Hey guess what? Some poster people e-mailed me about how rad my site was and what not, and you can buy Green Day posters from these links! The posters are good prices! Get your Green Day! Click on the picture below and it will give you info on how to get it.

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[Feb.20]Hey! Wow Well I changed some colors and got rid of them ugly ass pictures so it will load a little faster. Aslo if you are not already a member go join this new RAD ASS Green Day Club that im co-president of. GO JOIN NOW!-->The Shims GREEN DAY Club! And its really fun and your not cool unless your in it! hehe so go join it.

[Jan.19]:YAY! Me and Heather Shim have made a GREEN DAY CLUB! Go to it and join now! We also have a contest AND prizes! So GO NOW--->The Shims Green Day Club

[Jan.17]:WOO HOO check out my new site design, well kinda..haha I made those cool Green Day chaser Lines and all them little pictures, ALL BUY MYSELF so im proud woo hoo haha I have added lots of fun stuff, so click around, and oh yeah i got rid of the Midi and put up the wav. Ive had complaints about the midi freezing peoples puters and from what I hear so far, the wav is working out better so YAY ok well thats all for now.

[Jan.1]:YAY well Scroll down to see some NEW Green Day news, also, I have added an Award page, so if you own a webpage check that out.

[Jan.9]WOO HOO! I worked my ass off today, I have 13 NEW wavs up, check then out in the Sounds section, I also added 6 new band pictures, 5 new BJ pictures, 10 new Mike pictures, and 3 new Tre' pictures. And yeah I know these are not NEW pictures, but they are new to my page, also, some of them Are New for real though. You can check out these in the Pictures section. I did a littl re-designing on the picture pages, so that it will have less loading time. Also there are 5 new tour dates posted in the Tour Dates Section. Thats it for now, Later All!

[Jan.3]I added 5 new wavs! YAY ha ha i think like 2 of em are pretty funny too so check out the Sounds section.


[Feb. 20]Wow it has been along time since I have last updated! Well BJ's Birthday was the 17th and he is now 27 years old. Also Green Day is working on a new album. I have also heard that Green Day will be on a new Fat Wrech Chords Comp. They will have one song and it may be a new one.

[Jan.13]Today or yesterday or someday, I heard, the 5 new tour dates with The Rolling Stones are CANCELLED. Green Day plans instead to go back to the Studio to start working on a new album! Now is that rad ass or what? (cept for the people that bought Stones tickets to see Green Day).

[Jan.12]Today or is it tommorow? Is Tre's Daughter, Ramona's Birthday! so YAY for her and...hmm, well I heard a rumor on the GD mailing list that Green Day will be heading in to the studios some time soon or next week to work on a new LP. I've also heard, those dates I put up yesterday, were with the Rolling Stones, and Ive also heard, that they were canceled, I am NOT completly sure about this information, so if you are SURE about it E-mail me

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